Best Santa Tracker Android android apps, updated December 2022


    Christmas is around the corner. As many of us know, there are various Christmas-themed apps on the Play Store. It was time when we found Santa Tracker apps that are available in Android.

    There’s a lot of Santa Tracking apps available from the Play Store, but they don’t quite all that good. In fact, a handful of them are worth looking at. The majority of you probably know only one Google.

    The Google’s Santa Tracking application is probably the best, but there are some other other options to note. Here, we gave you another app to Santa Tracking, along with the Google option.

    The best Android shortcut for Santa Tracker 2022.

    Here is a quick look at the best Android apps for Santa Tracker for 2022, with all the necessary download and purchase costs.

    Download Cost What does the price per item cost in-app? Google Santa Tracker is a google search engine. Get a little longer. Talk to the Santa. $2.99-$29.99 Track Santa Google Assistant NORAD tracks the Santa. Follow Santa by tracker. $1.99 Where is the Santa Lite place. Santa Tracker: Where’s Santa?

    Best Santa Tracker Android application downloads 2022.

    You can download more information here. A direct link is available for free.

    All download links are available at the Google Play Store. Users are always advised to download apps from Google Play or the authorized app store.

    Google Santa Tracker for Google.

    • Price: Downloadable.
    • In-app purchases: No, please.
    • How size: Varies with a machine?
    • Google Play is a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating.

    The Google Drive Santa Tracker app is becoming the most popular device to track Santa. Google update this app every year before Christmas and includes many new content. Over the years, it became a very interesting choice. If you can track Santa’s journey before Christmas, you can play many games on your own while you wait for him to arrive.

    Googles graphical choices will only make the whole thing more fun. While youre waiting for the arrival of a Santa, you can create your own elf. That’s one of the new additions to the new version. There is quite a detailed elf editor available in the application. When I speak of elves, there is a game that elves are in a jetpack are a good excuse.

    It is known that rocket-powered sleighs are among the games, as well as a number of other options in the app. It is free to use the Google Santa Tracker app, and it doesn’t include ads and other products that have in-app purchases. It’s in the Play Store at a score of 4, 4 and a better than the most popular apps.

    Download google’s Santa Tracker.


    • – Free download!
    • Purchases in the product category: No.
    • Size: Wifiable cries with a device.
    • Google Play rating. 33.5 out of 5 stars.

    ReindeerCam LIVE! isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a Santa-tracking app, it’s a bit different. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it may be good for you. This is basically a live streaming tool, and it has been around a long time. It gives you a real-life look at the Santas reindeer, and you can imagine it while they are standing on the big journey.

    By the way, you can see Santa feeding his reindeer, too. This app gets updated every year, with a new plan for every activity. It’s been quite recently, as far as this year, the same thing happened, too. As soon as you install your application, it will be possible to find out what time will happen.

    The developer added some new ways of offering this app to the kids, that they’re the primary users of this app. You could rewatch previously aired shows. Some things have also been removed to better serve. You can no longer use the app to talk with the community, at least not by means of any means. The app has mixed reviews, but it really is a solid offer.

    Download the Magnacram LIVE!

    Talk to the ‘Santa’.

    • Price: Download by no means.
    • An in-app purchase: 2,99 dollars – 29,99 dollars.
    • Size: Varies with instruments.
    • 0 on Google Play a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars.

    Speak to Santa is a really interesting app. It really is you that can talk with Santa. It simulates a call with Santa Claus, and on the other hand, there’s many more people who can speak. In this application you can even say your kids name if you set up this app properly before calling.

    If paired up, Speak to Santa app can bring the boy joy and reaffirm his belief in real life. You can even set up the app so that Santa knows your kids favorite color, fruit, vegetable, sport, month of birth and so on. You can even teach that you get to know where you live, and some real-life events, too.

    There are a couple of call options available. Your kid’s behavior could help, and Santa will inform them they’ve been bad. It is of course possible to use a regular Santa tracker as well. You can see the world through which you can interact with. The detailed sleigh data will be presented to you, and include how fast it goes, and the percentage of the delivered gifts.

    Get A word with the Holy Ghost.

    Track Santa

    • Price: Download free.
    • Buy in-app: No complaints.
    • Space: A mini-vision.
    • Google Play rated 3,5 out of 5 stars.

    Christmas Timer, & Santa Countdown app provides you the simplest method of doing Santa-Tracking. That is the simple option. This is really a good app, and you’re looking for simple Santa-tracking and no more expensive features.

    When you open this app, the clock will appear. That countdown clock reflects the remaining time – up to Christmas –. Once the countdown has ended, it will show you where Santa is currently sitting on the provided globe. You’ll have the option to see Christmas presents popping up all over the world as Santa visits kids who want to deliver this gift.

    That’s almost everything you can see in that application. You never need to install this app until it’s time. However, it isn’t necessary to add more content in this app. It is great if you want to show your kids kids a little movement with the Santa, it isn’t distracting from it. The app is free, though it comes with ads, and its 4.2 rating is now on the Play Store.

    Download Track Santa.

    Google Assistant

    • Price: Download freely.
    • Purchased in-app: No money.
    • Size: Vehicles that have a device.
    • Google Play, one over five stars, is 4,1 out of 5 yen.

    Google Assistant is not exactly a Santa tracker app, but it can serve that purpose from time to time. If you do not want to install a separate software for Santa-tracking, then Google Assistant would do. It isn’t surprising that any modern Android smartphone is packed with Google Assistant. The software is ready to go.

    If you like to surprise your kids, ask the Google Assistant for a Santa tree. You get the best response, right? On top of that, you may, in addition to such questions, ask for some jokes to make for Christmas, or even some other Christmas-related questions. Your phone, Google Home, or any other mobile device which, of course, has Google assistant support.

    Google Assistants definitely aren’t the primary purpose of searching Santa. This is, with the exception of that, your personal assistant. And so it is that it is in some sense a problem that catches like a friend. It isn’t as simple as a Santa tracking application, of course, but some of you really prefer it.

    Open the phone with the help of Google Assistant.

    NORAD will track Santa.

    • Price: Free download.
    • No purchase in cash: No payment.
    • Size: Varies with instruments.
    • Google Play rating: 4,4 out of 5 stars.

    This is the official app of the NORAD Tracks Santa program. It’s quite simple, and as you can see, it looks very nice. In fact, it’s one of the nicest apps listed in the general list. You can watch the days counting down from the beginning of a Santas Yuletide voyage in the world. That isn’t all.

    This app lets you play various games, read stories and much more. You can see a few of the options in the above picture, but it doesn’t tell the whole story of itself. There’s a lot more to discover here, and there’s no reason you should not try this app out, its really free.

    Download NORAD – Calmered Santa.

    Santa tracker track Santa.

    • Get Price: To download free.
    • Orders in-store: 1.99 dollars.
    • Dimension: Varies with device.
    • Google Play rating: 4,4 out of 5 stars.

    Santa Tracker Track Santa is yet another compelling Santa tracker, or a tracking simulator if you do. It is also one of the coolest apps on the list, and it has many interesting options. You can tell your child what the experience is about.

    The app can locate Santa at any moment. The tracking isn’t real, of course. However, your kid doesn’t need to know it is very real to him/her. The simulated Santa Clause has different tasks to complete. Hell can do different things at different times. Your kid really needs a lot of sleep here.

    Get a Santa Tracker. We will track the Santa.

    Where is Santa Lite?

    • Price: Free download.
    • When you buy for a gift. No charges will be charged for your order.
    • Size: Four machines with a device.
    • Google Play rating 4 out of 5 stars.

    Where is Santa Lite is a very simple Santa tracking application. The graphics may not be as good as other app, but it is a very well developed app that provides a very good experience. It allows you to observe the Christmas season in all directions, to see where Santa is every morning.

    This will be an enjoyable task, for sure. This app seems to be not as interactive as some other users, but still very helpful to use. Apparently, a lot of people like it. It has lots of good reviews in the Google Play Store. Like many other apps on the list, they are free, too.

    Where is Santa Lite Download?

    Santa Tracker: Where is the Santa registrar?

    • Prices: Please download now.
    • I can buy in-app purchases. No money if it is bought.
    • The Varies have a device.
    • Search & Play: 4 out of 5 based on Google’s performance.

    Santa Tracker: Where is Santa? is a very simple application of Santa Tracking. This app came from, and follows the journey of Santa as well. It is possible to follow the Santa immediately before and after Christmas. It is not limited to Christmas or Christmas.

    This app shows you where exactly Santa is and how much gifts he delivered all that time. More is more, more than that. It may be a very nice experience for your kid, the app seems very simple.

    Get the Santa tracker. Where’s Santa?


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