The DualSense Edge and its design protagonists from a Sony videoclip



    The new DualSense Edge Of PS5 is the protagonist of the new video released today by Sony, which traces the history of the design of the new controller specifically designed for the new console. This is essentially the first official peripheral of this type from the PlayStation house.

    This video shows a sort of ink in the scenes on the design of the DualSense Edge, focused on the research and development of the new controller.

    For a better understanding, you can also write our test on PS5 from January 26, 2023 in all around the world. From our parts to prezzo, 239.99 euros.

    The price is obviously proportionate with the fact that it is a controller built with greater attention to the precision of the inputs and the quality of the materials, with a series of additions and peculiarities that place it in the category of pro player tools, for so to speak.

    Like the Xbox 360 Elite Controller, the DualSense Edge has been designed to give a better ergonomics and a more precise response to commands, as well as a variety of custom-made adjustments that can be applied to modify the gaming experience according to the individual players’ needs.

    In terms of the idea of selling the extra accessories separately, it is not surprising that it’s also sold separately, such as the stick modules, which are cheaper than Europeans in prices of 24.99 euros.



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