Project Playtime – How To Get Unlimited Tickets (Unpatched)



    In this guide, I will tell how to stop being poor (as I was earlier), and get unlimited tickets to buy and upgrade any qualifications.

    Unlimited Ticket Guide


    • Have 2 friends who play Project Playtime.
    • Give them this guide or explain the process to them.
    • There are hands.

    How to do it?

    First you have to make a new game and make sure to mark the “Just Friend” box before starting it.

    Once you are inside the game, invite your 2 friends to start with the bug.

    All players have to reunite near the manhole of the sewer.

    the role

    Each person has a different role.

    • Smoker: They have to stand still above the manhole of the sewer, watching as the monster repeatedly kills them.
    • the monster: They have to kill the masochist and put him inside the hole.
    • companion: They have to stay near the hole that the monster is waiting for him to throw the masochist inside the hole, and as soon as the hole opens, he has to get out of it so that he can avoid losing his heart.


    • If you are Masochist, touch the grass, clean, take a shower or just a blink while the other 2 players are filling their pockets.
    • If you’re a monster, be careful not to throw the masochist’s corpse too fast, shake them a bit before throwing them into the sewers (if you throw them too fast, the game might mess up and you’ll end up throwing them into them). 20 tickets will not be given out of this).
    • If you are his partner, you have to save the masochist as soon as the hole starts to open, this will make it easier and the process will be much faster.


    • Get 0 Tickets, which is why the rolls must be replaced after the round is over.
    • Monster: +10 for kills, +20 tickets for submission.
    • companion: +30 to save a player.

    Last step

    If you did everything correctly, you will be winning more than 3.000 tickets per match.

    Repeat this problem like there is no tomorrow and you will become a millionaire.


    Note: It will possibly be sent back to hell and back so make sure it is abused.

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