Best Psyker Psykinetic Build in Warhammer 40k Darktide


    Warhammer 40k Darktide has four different classes that players can choose to play as. Three of these deal their damage in a physical sense, while the Psychic specializes in the more ethereal nature, using the powers of the Warp to eliminate opponents. Here is the guide for the Psykinetic subclass in Psyker.

    The most effective Psykinetic build for the Psyker in Warhammer 40k Darktide

    The most effective build for the Psykinetic subclass build for the Psyker in Warhammer 40k Darktide will be quite flexible for ranged options, but will be very limited with melee options. However, since he will be using ranged attacks, for the most part, any staff will serve him well. Here is the best weapon build for the Psychic:

    • melee weapon: dueling sword
    • ranged weapon: Staff of Void Strike Force

    In general, any force stick will work fine, but the Voidstrike force stick is considered the best. Thanks to his explosive ability in his alternate fire mode, this ability makes him especially formidable against elites and boss enemies.

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    When it comes to stunts, this build combination is the best you can have in the Psyker build of the Psykinetic subclass:

    • Level 5: Essence Harvest
    • Level 10: destruction and ruin
    • Level 15: Psykinetic Aura
    • Level 20: moving mind
    • Level 25: kinetic skinner
    • Level 30: rising glow

    This combination of feats focuses on mob clearing as well as single target potential using the Soulblaze and Warp Charges abilities. It will also ensure that you can hold your own when the action gets tense. The level 20 ability can be exchanged for something else, but the Brain Burst spam will lose its effectiveness due to Perils.

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