How to beat Bahamut in Crisis Core


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    Bahamut is a boss that you first fight in Banora. So he was a threat, sure, but absolutely nothing can prepare you for the Bahamut you encounter in the sidequests. If you’re looking to beat Bahamut in Crisis Core, particularly the strongest one created from Hojo’s data, we’ve got you covered.

    Strategy Crisis Core Bahamut

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    No matter which version of Bahamut you’re up against, it has fixed attack patterns. We’ll teach you the best counters and strategies for each.

    Bahamut has an attack where he flies and crashes to the ground, causing shockwaves that can drain half your HP. You can’t protect yourself against this, so you need Dodge at the perfect time. listen to the whistle as Tseng taught you. When you hear it, he’s on the ground, so he rolls. Rolling gives you temporary immunity, just like in Final Fantasy VII: Remake, so make the most of it!

    Bahamut will then leave the island at random points, to make it out of attack range. Make sure you have a Fire either blizzard matter equipped. This will allow you to attack him. bring a lot of ethers to this fight.

    Bahamut’s Lightning and Laser Orb attacks can be dodged just as they are about to hit the ground. You can also shield against them and take reduced damage.

    Lastly, remember to keep Zack’s HP above 1,000. Equip HP Ups and accessories that enhance it. This is in case you get hit by Megaflare.

    Still, Megaflare can be prevented. To prevent Bahamut from using megaflareto equip power attack and do a powerful Attack-Attack-Attack combo. This should allow you to reduce the meter to 50% minimum. However, you can also cancel the Attack if you are fast enough.

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    How do I beat M5-1-2 Bahamut in Crisis Core?

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    Before you take on M5-1-2 Bahamut, wait until Zack is promoted, so he can receive additional Materia Slots. You are going to want a ton of HP and MP Ups for this fight.

    This version of Bahamut is much stronger. Instead of just your HP, Megaflare hits your MP and AP also, reducing both to zero even if their power is only 25%. It is also much stronger. Carry at least three elixirs with you in case of emergency, but you can also use a potion and ether. Just do it fast.

    He is now resistant to fire and ice, which is nice because you have no choice but to use these two anyway when he’s out of attack range. M5-1-2 Bahamut can use Flarethat can only be saved not dodged. You can also run as far from its front as possible to avoid the hit.

    After this, it’s really a matter of skillfully dodging and getting those sword attacks in between. You can also wait until the next chapter to take it on, so you level up a bit. If the going gets tough, remember that any Crisis Core battle is doable if you are high enough in level. Equip items that can increase your VIT Y SPR stats too, protecting you from crash landings and Megaflares.

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