Best longbow build and equipment in MW3


    If you’re looking for a quick scout class for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Beta, look no further than the Longbow sniper rifle. Of the few new snipers available in the game, this one has become a favorite for players with an aggressive playstyle. In this guide, I have provided the best Longbow class setup and loadout to use in MW3 Beta.

    Best Longbow Build Modern Warfare 3 Beta (MW3)

    • Barrel: Pro-99 long barrel
    • Stock: Out of Stock
    • under the canyon: SL Skeletal Vertical Grip
    • Magazine: 10 round mag
    • Back grip: Citadel LV Tactical Grip

    Because we’re aiming for a fast-range longbow build, I’ve used attachments to improve the weapon’s handling stats, primarily the stroke speeds for firing and aiming down sights (ADS). The main accessory for this purpose is the Stockless mod, which also increases your movement speed.

    To further increase the sniper’s ADS and sprint speed to fire, equip the Citadel LV Rear Grip and the SL Skeletal Foregrip. From now on, the 10-round magazine reduces the ADS penalty, but you’ll still get 25 rounds in your magazine, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Finally, you can opt for the long barrel to increase the range of the Longbow Sniper. After using it for a while, you will discover that this weapon is a hit-scoring machine. Therefore, aim for the upper body and head for a one-shot kill.

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    Best Longbow Loadout Modern Warfare 3 Beta (MW3)

    The following list consists of the best secondary weapons, perks, and equipment to use with the Longbow Sniper Rifle in your MW3 custom loadout:

    • Primary weapon: Longbow
    • secondary weapon: Renetti (best secondary sniper support)
    • Benefits
      • Vest: Infantry vest
      • Gloves: Quick Grab Gloves / Commando Gloves
      • Boots: Light boots
      • Gear: EOD padding
    • Tactical: Flash grenade
    • Lethal: Semtex
    • Field equipment: Ammunition box

    Stay tuned to Pro Gaming Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content. In the meantime, check out our article on the best Rival-9 build and loadout in MW3 Beta.


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