How to Fix Lords of the Fallen ‘Crossplay Not Working’


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    Lords of the Fallen has some great multiplayer modes, allowing you to play co-op with up to three players and sometimes even join unsuspecting players in their own worlds. Since the experience is equipped with cross-play features, it won’t even matter which platform you choose to play on. However, you’ll need your cross-play connection to be running smoothly to enjoy these multiplayer options, so here’s how to fix any issues you may encounter while playing.

    Lords of the Fallen Crossplay Multiplayer Bug Fixes

    As soon as you enter the game, no matter what platform you are on, you should see a text pop up at the bottom of the screen, telling you that you have entered “cross-network play.” However, if this appears, it tells you that it was ‘I can’t join over the network,’ you may need to follow some steps to restore your connection:

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    The first solution I would suggest is to head to the nearest shrine. Here, you can usually enter the multiplayer options where you can invite or join other players. If your connection is not working, this “Multiplayer” button will appear as a “Access‘ option. Once you press that, it will try to reconnect you to the online servers. Occasionally, you may also run into an issue where it will continue to inform you that you “can’t log in.” If that’s the case, you may need to take a few more steps.

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    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Open your menu and select Settings at the top right. Then switch to Multiplayer eyelash. Here you will have different settings that you can disable to allow cross-play and online features. Make sure you have all of these enabled in ‘Yeah.’ Apply your settings and then exit the menu. You may see a change immediately, but if not, close the game and restart.

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    If your setting was already activated and you are still having trouble with it, it could suggest a bigger problem behind the scenes. There are some other steps you can take to try to resolve them:

    • Check your internet connection. (Cross-play and online play features will only work if you are connected to a stable internet connection. You may need to restart your router.)
    • Check if the game servers are down. (Sometimes servers can become overwhelmed or stop working unexpectedly. You can check their status using sites like down detector or checking the Official Twitter of Lords of the Fallen page for updates.)
    • Check the PlayStation Network either Xbox live server status. (It could also be an outage on the specific platform you’re using. Check the status of their servers to make sure there are no issues.)
    • Restart your game and/or device. (Sometimes the best solution is to restart the game and console and try again. You may need to install an update or patch that will fix the problem.)
    • Wait a moment and try again.. (If there is an issue with a service outage, whether it’s the game itself or your platform, the best way to fix the issue is to wait a while for them to be restored and reconnect later.)

    If you have tried all the above solutions without success, you can always try to contact the Lords of the Fallen Support Team (linked here)and see if they can personally help you with any bugs or glitches you encounter. Hopefully, you’ll have your multiplayer up and running again in no time!

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