Best Fruit in King Legacy (Tier List)


    Choosing the right Devil Fruit is essential to becoming the most powerful warrior in King Legacy. So, if you need clarification on how to choose the right fruit for battles, here is a dedicated King Legacy fruit tier list for your study.

    Fruit Tier List – King Legacy

    Below, all fruits in the game are ranked based on several factors, including their current status, overall combat capabilities, and price range. This comprehensive approach ensures that your chosen fruit aligns perfectly with your play style and strategic preferences.

    Level fruit
    Yes Dark, Magma, Rumble, Dragon, Toy
    TO Poison, Mass, Earthquake, Snow, Ice, Phoenix, Door, Rope, Flame, Light
    b Magnet, Gas, Smoke, Buddha, Gold, Mammoth, Spike, Allosauraus, Paw, Sand
    c Leopard, Spin, Human, Bomb, Giraffe, Brachio,

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    The best fruits in King Legacy

    Here you can find all the fruits and why they belong to that particular level.

    S Level

    • Dark: The dark fruit has excellent defensive capabilities and can swallow almost all attacks like the paw fruit. On top of that, the attacks are difficult to dodge because they are so fast and the damage numbers are incredible. Try to get a black fruit as soon as possible.
    • Magma: The Magma fruit is the best in the game for close range combat. Equip it to take down Zoan-type giant fruit users or even Zoan-type bosses across the seas.
    • Rumble: Rumble (also known as the Lightning fruit) is one of the most balanced fruits in the game. Its attack and defense stat numbers are exceptionally high, making it ideal for taking down any other fruit in a PvP battle.
    • Toy: The toy fruit has the highest health pool in the game. This makes it beneficial for fighting sea hydras and other NPC bosses in the second sea.

    Level A

    • Mass: Shoot mass like bullets from your arm from almost 100 to 500 m. These bullets deal significant damage and can slow your enemy for a short period. I highly recommend fruit for PVP and PVE modes.
    • Earthquake: The Quake is excellent for PvP combat due to its high damage and long range. The only drawback is that fruit costs a lot and has low rarity during spinning.
    • Ice: Ice is the best fruit if you are facing other logia elements like Magma and Flame due to its AOE and long range attack abilities. It is the best PVP fruit of level A.
    • Snow: Snow is very similar to Ice in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities. The only downside is that he has a much longer recovery time than Ice.
    • Poison: The Venom is another logia fruit that excels at completing quest type quests in the second sea due to its mobility and amount of damage. For PvP, there are better options like Ice or Dough.
    • Phoenix: Transform into a flying Phoenix that can stop most Logia/Paramecia type attacks using its wings. Also, shoot fireballs from your mouth at your enemies. I recommend Phoenix for almost all King Legacy game modes.
    • Door: Gate is a fruit with a very high skill limit. Deploy the doors to evade attacks or use the same doors to reposition yourself during battle. It is beneficial against hydras or sea beasts using such tactics.
    • Chain: Thread is a fruit very similar to Dough. Like Dough, you fire rope-like bullets from a long distance and use the rope web to defend against incoming attacks. It is an amazing high to mid level fruit for every game mode.
    • Fire: Flame is the second best fruit for close range combat. You can send fire blows directly to your enemy’s face and finish them off. I prefer Flame for PvP combat against any Zoan fruit.
    • Light: Light is not only the best travel fruit in the game, but it also has some extraordinary attack abilities, such as light bullets and light mirrors that can easily remove 30-40% of your enemy’s HP in one go. once.

    Level B

    • Magnet: Magnet is an excellent beginner level fruit for PVE raiding in the second half of the first sea due to the overall ability of his kit and a good balance between offensive and defensive stat numbers.
    • Gas: Gas doesn’t have significant damage numbers, but over time it will affect your character’s health. It is suitable for players who love slow-paced PvP fights.
    • Buddha: Buddha was previously a Tier A fruit, but now appears at Tier B due to damage count nerfs. Still, it is excellent for PVP and PVE due to its balanced kit with range and stun capabilities.
    • Gold: Gold is another magnificent fruit in King Legacy. It has long range AOE type attacks and even stun abilities. Look for the fruit for most missions in the first sea.
    • Mammoth: The Mammoth has one of the best damage numbers in the entire level. Each attack, from Stomp to Tackle, deals over 500 damage. However, due to its bulky nature, I avoid using it for PvP and focus more on PvE/Raid bosses.
    • Spike: Use the Spike Fruit to fire spike-shaped missiles from long range or turn into a ball of spikes and roll towards an enemy to stun them. I suggest using the pick to clear the starting areas of any island.
    • allosaurus: A large Zoan-type fruit that can kill enemies by simply moving or stomping. Use the fruit to defeat NPC bosses like Ax Hand Morgan, who has many small soldiers/minions.
    • Paw: The Paw allows you to repel all incoming attacks from your enemies. Nothing can be reversed, whether it’s a simple attack or the ultimate ability. It requires a lot of practice to use, which is why it ranks much lower. Still, it’s useful in PvP battles in the right hands.
    • Sand: Sand is a powerful fruit with good offensive and defensive powers. The only drawback is that it requires higher damage stat numbers than other fruits of the same level. Still, it is very suitable for players to start their journey in PvP mode.

    Level C

    • Leopard: Gains a lot of movement speed and jumping power as Leopard. Use this enhanced power to attack the NPC boss in the first sea and win battles quickly.
    • Spin: Spin is probably the worst fruit in King Legacy. Due to its low damage stat, it is not practical in PvP or PvE battles. The only useful aspect is that you can fly, which helps you jump from island to island much faster.
    • Human: The human fruit allows you to transform into a reindeer. This way you get a lot of movement speed and decent damage numbers, which helps you finish most missions in the first sea.
    • Bomb: The bomb is a decent fruit with average damage but has good range. Launch them from a long distance and damage enemies in PVE or resource extraction missions.
    • Giraffe: Consuming this fruit transforms your character into a walking giraffe. He has a large hitbox and cannot move quickly, making him an easy target for other players.
    • brachius: The brachius is similar to a giraffe in terms of hitbox and volume, but has a more extended health bar. Use the fruit to grind resources in simple raids in the first sea.

    Best overall devil fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds: Dragon

    Image via Bloxterm

    Dragon is the best overall fruit in King Legacy. It is a powerhouse that offers top-notch fruit abilities such as aerial moves, paralyzing attacks, and self-healing. These skills can be a game-changer during PvP battles, giving you an advantage over your opponents. Additionally, there are no counters for the fruit and only another Dragon user can challenge you. I recommend getting the dragon fruit as soon as possible to dominate your game.

    Best Devil Fruit for Beginners in King Legacy: Smoke

    Image via Bloxterm

    Smoke is a very underrated fruit and the friendliest in King Legacy. Firstly, it is the only lodge fruit in the rare category that costs too cheap, making it easy for a hobbyist to acquire. The damage numbers are good in terms of combat capability and can deal with both short and long range attacks. Additionally, switching to Smoke at any time changes the game rules for retreating or repositioning during combat. If you’re a beginner, it should be your go-to fruit if you’re preparing for your first PvP battle!

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