How to break abandoned mine barriers in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


    Mines in video games are usually dangerous places full of secret tunnels. The same goes for Suikoden’s successor, so here’s how to break rock barriers in the Abandoned Mine in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

    Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes Abandoned Mine Rock Barrier Guide

    Pushing the wagons full of large stones. Can break rock barriers in the abandoned mine. The search for the Kogen bandits will take you to Abandoned Mines and giant barriers will block your path. You can use the railway cars to destroy those barriers and get further, but if the cars are empty, you will have to push them towards the opposite wall to fill it.

    Where is the abandoned mine in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes?

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    To the west of the town of Altverden is the abandoned mine, the hideout of the Kogen bandits. After gathering the crew, Ymir will give you the task of solving the bandit problem in Altverden. Altverden is a town westward from Eltisweiss (You visited him when you recruited Kuroto.)

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    The villagers will tell you about the bandits and their hideout in the Abandoned Mine. The Abandoned Mine is an intricate network of interconnected tunnels that you must pass through to reach the Kogen bandits. Sometimes you will come across paths blocked by large rock barriers.

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    How to break the stone barrier in Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes

    Throughout the Mines, railway cars carry huge rocks, which you can use to break barriers pushing them until they accelerate enough. Empty carriages are sometimes seen on the blocked railway. In that case, you should move the car away of the barrier and hits the opposite wall. That will cause a large rock to fall into the cart, making it heavy enough to break the barrier.

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