What time is Day by Daylight 7.7.0 updated and Volume 19: Splendor released? Detailed update size


    Dead by Daylight is updated frequently, and the latest DBD 7.7.0 update will bring us a ton of quality of life, perk, map, and Killer tweaks, as well as the latest Volume 19: Splendor. Check when everything activates so you’re ready.

    When will Dead by Daylight 7.7.0 and Tome 19: Splendor be released?

    Fortunately for fans, Behavior Interactive is pretty consistent with their updates and when they release them. You will rarely see a lag as most issues are fixed after the PTB. Dead by Daylight 7.7.0 and Tome 19: Splendor will be released worldwide on April 23, 2024. You can check exactly what time it will fall in your area below.

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    City Time
    seattle 8am
    Mexico City 9am
    Montreal 11am
    Rio de Janeiro 12 p.m.
    London 4 p.m.
    Cairo 5 pm
    Beijing 11 p.m.
    Tokyo 12 am

    I am very excited about this update as it will finally allow us to verify the description of advantages we have brought during a trial. I have over 600 hours of gaming and I only know about five perks by heart. It will also be interesting to see if the Killer settings Well, Twins and Blight increase the number of people who play them, just as happened with Hillbilly.

    What is the DBD update size?

    If you want to start playing and updating as soon as possible, you’ll need to make sure your device has enough space. The latest DBD update will be quite significant due to internal changes to the engine. Here are all the DBD update sizes you can expect once 7.7.0 is released alongside Volume 19.

    • nintendo switch – 10GB
    • personal computer – up to 30GB
    • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – up to 30GB
    • Playstation 4/5 – up to 30GB

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