Best Early Arcana Updates in Hades 2 Early Access (Tarot Cards)


    To get far in your Hades 2 races, you’ll need to have a good set of Tarot Cards. In this article, I’ll show you the best set of Arcana upgrades for the start of your Hades 2 Early Access.

    Best Early Tarot Card Updates in Hades 2

    These Tarot cards are perfect for players at the beginning of the game because they help conserve magic and health. They provide an extra bubble of protection while you learn to use magic and fight with every weapon available.

    1 – The Sorceress

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    Ability: While channeling Omega’s moves, everything will move slower for 2 seconds.

    Price: 1 ash

    Necessary knowledge: 1

    The Enchantress Tarot card is the card that players should purchase first in Hades 2. This doesn’t mean that it earned its place because it’s convenient: it’s actually a great card. The way it slows down enemies’ abilities helps players get used to the different attacks while learning how to use magic and avoid them. I find this particularly useful against Wailers and situations where you’re fighting large groups of smaller enemies.

    While enemies are slowed, you can land a few good hits and then sneak away to safety. Repeat this process until you have defeated all the enemies to clear any basic level with ease.

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    2 – The wayward son

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    Ability: After leaving an area, restore 2 hearts if you have more than 30% health or 4 hearts if you have 30% health or less.

    Price: 3 ash

    Necessary knowledge: 1

    The Wayward Son is the second card to choose because it gives you some extra hearts that could mean the difference between failing and completing a run. It also reduces the need to choose boons that increase your total health or give you health when leaving rooms, as the Tarot Card does that for you. Instead, you can choose a boon that gives you more rewards, some extra firepower, or a unique ability you want to try out.

    3 – The Titan

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    Ability: Gain 20 health and 20 magic while this card is equipped.

    Price: 7 ash

    Necessary knowledge: 2

    The Titan is a card I can see myself using even in the deepest runs of Hades 2. It gives you 20 extra magic power and 20 health, increasing your offensive abilities and survivability. Extra magic lets you use one or two more spells, while health lets you take a few more hits. You’ll want to bring the Titan card if you plan on beating Chronos for good!

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    4 – The invisible

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    Ability: Restores 2 magic every second.

    Price: 20 ash

    Necessary knowledge: 5

    The Unseen is easily my favorite card on the list, but it comes in at number 4 because you need to get at least three cards to unlock it. Allows you to generate mana naturally every second. You won’t have to worry about fighting enemies without magic because you used all your mana at the beginning of the encounter. Instead, use the Enchantress card and your Omega spells to avoid enemy attacks while your mana recharges. You can then send your enemies flying with a spell powered by The Unseen and finish them off with your weapon.

    5 – The Huntress

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    Ability: While you have less than 100% magic, your attacks and specials deal 30% additional damage.

    Price: 10 ash

    Necessary knowledge: 3

    The Huntress Card unites your magic use and physical attacks to help you get the most out of Hades 2. In essence, it rewards you for using magic by boosting your physical attacks after doing so! This is extremely useful in cases where you have exhausted your magic but are still surrounded by enemies.

    While this may seem counterproductive in combination with The Unseen, note that the Huntress Card only says “less than 100% magic.” Basically, you can maintain this physical advantage throughout the level as long as you cast spells consistently.

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