All elements and what they do in Content Warning


    There are many elements in Content Warning and keeping track of what each of them does can be difficult. This guide will go over what each of the items do and their prices in Content Warning.

    Content warning: all articles and their uses.

    The game has 28 elements., and are divided into different categories. You can buy any of them from the shop on the right side of the outside area of ​​your house in the game.

    Warning about all flashlights in the content

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    The flashlights are self-explanatory, but they all work in different ways: the flare is used as a signal for your team; Long flashlights give you a longer range that you can use to detect objects from a distance; The modern flashlight is the powerful variant of the basic flashlight.

    • old lantern – $20
    • Flare – $40
    • long flashlight – $200
    • modern lantern – $500
    • Pro Long Flashlight – $600

    All medical articles in Content Warning

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    There are two items in this tab, Hugger and Defibrillator, which are used to heal and revive dead allies respectively.

    • embrace – $100
    • defibrillator – $300

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    Warning about all gadgets in the content

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    There are four different devices and they all have different purposes. First, we have the Boom Mic which you can use to record creepier monster sounds, and then the Clapper makes a clapping noise. Both of these elements will help you get more views.

    Goo Ball is a sticky ball that you can throw at monsters to slow them down and capture more images. Lastly, we have the Shock Stick, which is used to electrocute enemies and escape if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

    • boom microphone – $100
    • Clapper – $100
    • good ball – $150
    • shock stick – $400

    Warning about all gestures in content

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    Emoticons are gestures that you can make in your videos or show them to your friends. Emotes aren’t just for show and play a role in getting more views by performing them against monsters or generally being creative with them. You can try my favorite Ancient Gesture 1 among others to get thousands of views easily.

    • Applause – $400
    • Confused – $400
    • Training 1 – $400
    • Dance 103 – $400
    • Dance 102 – $400
    • Dance 101 – $400
    • backflip p1 – $400
    • Gym – $400
    • Affectionate – $400
    • ancient gestures 3 – $400
    • Ancient gestures 2 – $400
    • Yoga – $400
    • Exercise 2 – $400
    • Thumbnail 1 – $400
    • Thumbnail 2 – $400
    • Ancient gestures 1 – $400

    All Miscellaneous Items in Content Warning

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    Lastly, Miscs are items that don’t fit into any of the other categories and so far there is one item in there, which is party poppers. They are used to celebrate a successful comeback and a filming that increases the amount of views and money you get.

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