Batman: Arkham Shadow was announced for Metaquest 3 this year.


    The Batman: Arkham series redefined the superhero genre and changed the direction of action games in the decade following the release of Arkham Asylum. While the four mainline entries – Asylum, City, Origins, and Knight – provided similar gameplay, a smaller spin-off game, 2016’s Batman: Arkham VR, allowed players to use their PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, or Let’s step into the shoes of the Caped Crusader using HTC Vive headset. Batman: Arkham VR felt more like a tech demo than a fully-fledged game, but its relatively high sales showed the appetite was there. Today, Oculus Studios announced another VR title set in Batman: Arkham Shadow titled Batman: Arkham universe.

    Although Rocksteady Studios, the developer of Asylum, City and Knight, was behind Batman: Arkham VR, the developer that recently added Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to Batman: Arkham Shadow did not. Instead, Camouflage, the studio behind République and Iron Man VR, is in charge of Batman: Arkham Shadow.

    Details are scarce, but Camouflage founder and studio head Ryan Payton wrote a letter on behalf of the team, which is posted here. Studio website. “From the beginning, Batman: Shadow of Arkham has been designed to be the ultimate VR game and take full advantage of MetaQuest 3,” the letter states. “Digging into our eight-year history of dedicated VR game development has enabled us to not only create a game with a distinctly Arkham feel, but in a way that leverages the immersive magic that Only VR can deliver.”

    “Batman: Arkham Shadow is the largest Camouflage development project to date and marks our second release as a first party member of Oculus Studios, following on from 2022’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Iron Man VR’s Quest 2. After Wally’s release,” the letter later said.

    When combined with the key art, the teaser trailer suggests The Ratcatcher is the main villain in the title. Check out the very short teaser video below.

    We can expect a full reveal at the Summer GameFest 2024 livestream, set for June 7 at 2pm PT. Batman: Arkham Shadow is coming to MetaQuest 3 later this year exclusively.


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