How to Get Daisy Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley (You’ve Got Mail!)


    Update 10 for Disney Dreamlight Valley is here! Whether you’re enjoying Eternity Isle or still happily running around the valley, Daisy Duck has returned to town and it’s time to welcome her home. Make sure you download the new update first, or you won’t be able to access the quest or understand how to get Daisy Duck to be a resident in your valley.

    How to Unlock Daisy Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    When you load your game after downloading Update 10, you will notice that some villagers have left some letters and gifts in your mailbox along with your reward for the Monster-sona DreamSnaps event.

    The game will ask you to go talk to Mickey Mouse to begin the quest “You’ve Got Mail!” Mickey will be excited to have also received a letter, addressed to him and Minnie. Mickey announces that the letter is from Daisy and that she is finally returning to the valley after a long journey.

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    Daisy asked you if you could make sure her house is ready for her. Since she hasn’t been part of the game until now, that means you have a new house in the valley to place and pay Scrooge.

    How much does Daisy’s house at Disney Dreamlight Valley cost?

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    After placing your house in the furniture menu, the quest asks you to use the Scrooge sign to unlock it. Daisy’s house costs. 20,000 gold coinswhich isn’t too bad considering how expensive other items (like Moana’s fishing boat upgrades) are in the game.

    Once you’ve paid, Daisy’s welcome screen will appear, and she will appear outside the plaza in a dreamlike cloud of dust.

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    But that’s not the end of the ‘You’ve got mail!’ search! Daisy asks you to meet her inside her house.

    It’s time to bring Daisy. Boutique Back to Dreamlight Valley.

    How to unlock Daisy’s Boutique

    Daisy tells you that to unlock the Boutique, you will have to change its size. He was cowering and hiding in her house this whole time!

    To get the Boutique back to the right size, make the Wonderland Amplification Elixir at a workstation. To do this, you will need:

    • 5 fragments of dreams
    • 5 carrots
    • 3 topaz gems
    • 3 white daisies

    If you don’t have them, consider asking a Disney Dreamlight Valley community group like the ones that have gift houses. Many posts in those groups talk about helping each other with the new update right now. Go into your inventory, use the potion, and then return to Daisy’s house.

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    Water it, watch it shine and collect it.

    Now you can place the Boutique anywhere in your valley to enjoy this new feature with a new friend. I decided to place mine on Sunlit Plateau, next to my little Disney park, because it looks a little like a theme park gift shop.

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