Best Fallout 4 Mods to Make It Feel Like the TV Show


    With the release of the Fallout TV show and its latest update, Fallout 4 has received tons of players. If you want the game to feel like the show in some way, we’ll show you the best Fallout 4 mods to make it happen.

    10 Fallout 4 Mods That Make It Feel Like the TV Show

    The Fallout 4 mods mentioned below do their best to make the game look and feel like the Amazon TV show by providing the most accurate representations of certain aspects of the game. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether the mods are suitable enough. However, these are the best to give you the Fallout TV series feel.

    Lucy MacLean – Looksmenu Face Preset by Milkdrinker

    Image via Nexus Mods

    He Lucy MaLean-Looksmenu Face Preset Mod by Milkdrinker is the best mod that will make your character look like Lucy MacLean from the TV show as it provides the most accurate facial representation of actress Ella Purnell. Using this mod will certainly make you feel like you are playing in Lucy’s shoes adventuring around the Commonwealth.

    Vault Girl Recreations – Cooper Howard from the Fallout TV Show – Human and Ghoul

    Image via Nexus Mods

    If you want to play as Cooper Howard in the game, then this mod by VaultGirl2077 will allow you to play her in both her human form and her Ghoul form. I admit, these seriously stand out, especially Coop as a human; The creator of the mod has perfectly captured the facial features of actor Walton Goggins. If you’re looking for a “don’t just talk to guns” game, then playing as a Ghoul is highly recommended as it’s sure to make you feel like a badass.

    Maximus from the Fallout series

    Image via Nexus Mods

    For those who are loyal to the Brotherhood of Steel, this mod by Chibako will allow you to play as the show’s newly anointed High Knight. While it doesn’t represent actor Aaron Moten’s facial features with complete accuracy, it does provide a fairly close resemblance to him. Additionally, with the BoS already present in the game, you will be able to play completely on the faction side as Maximus.

    Select disintegrator

    Image via Nexus Mods

    One of the highlights of the TV show was Lucy’s Tranquilizer gun, which you can now use in Fallout 4 thanks to Select the Blaster mod by neeher. It can not only be used as a basic tranquilizer, but also as an energy weapon or syringe. The Select Blaster also has custom animations that add more immersion to the experience. What else do you need to survive in the Commonwealth?

    Fallout Series 10mm Sound Replacement

    Image via Nexus Mods

    If you’re not a fan of the 10mm gun sound in the game but like the one in the show, then this sound replacement mod by Freakim is for you. This replaces the general sound of the 10mm pistol and its variants with the thicker, heavier sound heard in the series. Honestly, it’s a must-have mod because it gives the 10mm pistol a much meaner feel.

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    Fallout Pip-Boy TV Show

    Image via Nexus Mods

    This Pip-Boy Mod by ribe1in changes the basic color of the Pip-Boy in the game to that of the TV show. To be honest, it’s a pretty simple mod that provides a more realistic look to the Pip-Boy. Combine it with the Lucy MacLean mod and you’re ready for an authentic Fallout 4 experience based on the series. It’s not a huge difference, but little details like this add up.

    Power Armor Machine (Fallout TV series)

    Image via Amazon

    If you’ve seen the TV show, you’ll know that the power armor inside is quite powerful and upgraded. this mod Using batuace improves the melee and unarmed damage of the armor, in addition to increasing the carrying weight. Not only that, using your fists while in Power Armor will make people fly when you hit them (although it doesn’t work on larger creatures). Additionally, an engine sound is added when you charge the armor, making it perfect.

    Cooper Howard Billboard (TV show)

    Image via Nexus Mods

    I was very impressed by Cooper Howard’s character in the series and this mod By MrBloodjack will make sure I never forget it in my games of Fallout 4! What this does is replace the Commonwealth billboards and posters with some of the Coop promotional photographs in the series.

    Lucy’s Vault-Tec Backpack

    Image via Nexus Mods

    A crucial addition to your game or Lucy or in general is Lucy’s Vault-Tec Backpack Mod by QwibQwib, which is exactly how it appears in the TV show. It looks as accurate as possible and can be easily updated. It’s more of a beginner’s backpack, but it still increases immersion quite a bit.

    Power Armor Voice Changer (similar to Fallout TV Show)

    Image via Nexus Mods

    I was surprised when Maximus or any other soldier in power armor had a cool, distorted voice and I desperately wanted something like that in Fallout 4. Thanks to An4r3w. modification, now your characters in Power Armor will have a voice similar to that of the show. The distorted voice certainly makes the game more immersive when playing with the Power Armor and makes the Sole Survivor sound much more unpredictable.

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