Silent Hill 2. Remake will be a top-grade visual experience Bloober team


    Silent Hill 2 remake won’t be messing about too much of the original version, but given the huge time gap that divides the original from the original, it must be obvious that its making significant upgrades in other areas are not going to be much important. This certainly applies to the gameplay with things like a new over-the-shoulder camera and combat changes, and the players can also expect large visual and technical upgrades.

    According to Gomb, the development team was working closely with the veteran director and director of the series “Silent Hillart,” while the developer was working in the long run.

    We’ve worked closely with Ito-san at the beginning of the production to make sure that we’re on the same page as our artistic vision for the game. Our 2D-spaced teams are the best in their field, so you can expect better quality results. We tested by outsiders at an early rate, and it gave feedback. We still have very little left, but then I’m very optimistic.

    From gameplay to story, Bloober Games haven’t always enjoyed the best response from players in the past when they were critics, even though their graphics and art design have almost always always always been on point. Since that’s very important to theSilent Hillexperience, many fans will tell you, so a single-handedness of the experience should help the series fans.

    While during the interview, Gomb has spoken to us about the different aspects of theSilent Hill 2remakes development, including a collaboration between Bloober and Konami, how the development team was influenced by CapcomsResident Evil 2remake and the possibility of further work in the world onSilent Hill games. The full interview will continue in the near future, so please keep on a watch.

    Silent Hill is developed for PS5 and PC.


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