Avatar: The Way of Water broke projectors in Japan a number of cinemas were not ready for 48 frames per second and were forced to return the money to the audience Aroged



    Assuming that it was Japan’s most sought-after film release of all time, Avatar: The Way of Water failed to take the top spot last weekend, with a basketball anime named First Slam Dunk topping the national rankings. In addition, several theaters across the country reported technical problems, and one had to lower the film frame rate from 48fps to the traditional 24fps.

    It was a result of the time that many viewers refused to participate in other shows.

    Few theaters support 48fps High Frame Rate (HFR) playback because of their recent construction or upgrading to existing ones. Many cinemas know what formats they can play and take this into account when planning distribution. But HFR wasn’t only used very much in films, so it wasn’t clear where problems could be solved.

    The path of water is available in many forms, including 2D 48fps, 3D 48fps and regular 24fps. It merely uses HFR for action scenes, while dialogue and slower scenes are reduced to 24 fps (by frame duplication).



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    In one of the most notable films, the Hobbit, Peter Jackson, was found to be the best actor. Many viewers didn’t understand that the film with high frequency was a show. Opinions about the topic were a bit divised in 2012 and beyond. Some TVs use motion-oothing technologies to produce a similar effect. As you can see, many cinemas, even in the most technically advanced countries, weren’t ready for such an innovation.

    The film “Avatar: The Way of Water” is a review by David B. et al.

    Source: Engadget.



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