Destiny 2 Perfect Taste not dropping? Fall rates and how to get there



    The Dawn has arrived and everyone’s favorite space granny has returned. Guardians new and old have the chance to bake cookies for their favorite NPCs using farmed ingredients by defeating enemies throughout the system. However, some ingredients, like Perfect Taste, appear to have a much lower drop rate than expected. Here’s how to locate it.

    How to get the perfect taste in Destiny 2

    Perfect Taste is acquired by landing precision shots, and preferably by killing, while playing the game. To achieve this, we recommend using weapons with a low rate of fire and predictable recoil, such as Scout Rifles, Hand Cannons, and Pulse Rifles. Also, we advise against using elemental weapons, as there are flavors associated with each element and this can interfere with drops.

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    As for the drop rate, there has been nothing official from Bungie. But gamers on sites like Reddit and Twitter attest to having worked for several hours just to get a Perfect Taste. It’s frustrating and certainly not the answer we want to give, but persistence is key. There’s a lot going on this season, so don’t worry too much about focusing on getting this ingredient outside of the normal game. Eventually, it has to drop while you do your pinnacles like strikes, Crucible, and Gambit.

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