ASTLIBRA: Revision – Useful tips and tricks



    Easy tricks and tips to complete the game without unnecessary difficulty.

    Tips and tricks

    • After completing the first chapter you unlock the arena, complete each chapter as they lock important items such as the crossbow and alchemy book 2. If not obtained it will make the following chapters after 4 really difficult.
    • The crossbow can be used to cheese certain Colosseum battles and is heavily used in the second half of Chapter 7.
    • Each Mokio Shop and Arena has a blue crystal that allows you to honor stat points from level up. You can also buy a respec potion with a small amount of cash.
    • Maxing out equipment is always a priority, try to max out the wand in later chapters like 4 or 5 as it boosts the experience of maxing out weapons.
    • 5 has a hidden boss that requires saying no to Cero first then going back to Cero to bring him with you when Gao is with you. Now defeat Bob’s regular boss and he should appear.
    • If you don’t have a crossbow for Chapter 5 and need to get the green orb, use the staff.
    • There are 6 optional bosses that are hidden throughout the game you can probably start beating them in chapter 7.
      • The first one is in ch 3 and should be the first one you deal with they have a rock blocking their entrance. You have an invisible time limit before he clears his screen.
      • The second ch 5 is underground save it for last. They have an attack that scares you don’t block it because it will break your guard because it will be followed by an attack that will do ridiculous damage but do very little damage to the guard.
      • The third one is in chapter 6 when you first go to Elysium their is a hidden road to the left which should be the 3rd to 4th road you beat. She has an attack that causes projectiles to fall from the sky for a long time so hide under the two platforms in her room, she also summons patches of mushrooms that would destroy them to stop the summoning. are
      • 4th ch 7 sage is in the tower they have a ladder go up you will soon find a guard make him go to sleep the boss is in the next room it should be either 3 or 4 to kill him . He can also summon mushroom patches that block the use of items and thus destroy them as well, he also has a black hole attack that creates a gravity under him that lasts for a while. So run to the other side of the field to attack him properly and he will teleport. The use of termination is strongly recommended.
      • The last two are in your base hub, one is in a house on the same screen as yours use the goblin key to open it this should be the second one you should face. She creates clones during her fight and if you damage them it will release a large barrage of bullets so make sure to protect.
      • The finale in castle town is only unlocked after hitting ch 6 go to the well on the screen that leads to the arena you can go in now save this one for last too. Be careful with hands, finishing is also strongly recommended. Don’t forget Pegasus shoes.
      • Love can be obtained 3 times throughout the game before the final dungeon postgame. !0 can be obtained from friendship levels that are unlocked when the final dungeon is unlocked. Which means you only need to generate 3 loves in total which can be sped up using runes of rebellion to make getting loves easier.

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