The 250th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is being presented for April 2023



    Konami announced the plans for the 250th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series will take place in April in Los Angeles. Technically they’ll hold the event in three different locations, as North America will be able to bring California, while Europe will have one in London, England, and Latin America will have one in Bogota, Colombia. The company didn’t go in too many details to tell them what they planned for the three events. As a result, every region will become a winner in which one will get a special card and trophy. As we get closer, we’ll update you.

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    The 3 YCS events will take place simultaneously on the weekend of the 2 o’clock from the 2 o’clock de janeiro in 2023. Konami is offering the North American YCS in Los Angeles, California, at Los Angeles Convention Center and Latin America in Bogota, Colombia, at theAgora Bogota Convention Center. Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. will host a YCS in Europe in London, UK. All registered Duelists in the main event will take home a game-mat and Field Center Card. The three winners of these prestigious events are coming home with a unique Ultra RareAnotherverse Dragoncard honouring the event and a very special YCS Champion trophy.”

    “And beyond the main tournament, there will be plenty of things for the attendees to enjoy over the weekend, such as popular public events such as Win-A-Mat tournaments and Attack of the Giant Card. Those newer events include battle of warlords and digital game tournaments forYu-Gi-Oh! The master of the duels. For special events only available at the 250th anniversary party. Duelists can compete in time Wizardevents with format from previous milestone events. Registration for these events will open in early 2023 so follow our official social media channels to find more exciting reveals.



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