Get early access to Squad Busters with the new and improved Google Play Points rewards system.

    • Google is making big changes to Google Play Points.
    • Unlock prizes and rewards in their new mini-game Diamond Valley.
    • And get early access to the upcoming Super Sale Launch Squad Busters!

    With Squad Busters around the corner on May 29, some of you Supercell super fans might be kicking up your heels. But did you know that you can get early access to Squad Busters through Google Play? We weren’t sure, until we were told about it today!

    Yes, Google is rolling out a whole host of changes to Google Play, starting with the new mini-game Diamond Valley, which lets you play for rewards like Play Points and other rewards. Starting today, Diamond, Platinum, and Gold members will also get early access to some games, starting with (drum roll, please) Supercell’s latest title, and a global launch in half a decade. First, Squad Busters!

    And if you’re the type of person who likes random t-shirts emblazoned with game logos, you’ll be happy to know that 50,000 Diamond and Platinum members who pre-register for Diamond Valley get a free t-shirt. Is. We’re sure you’ll rock this Diamond Valley t-shirt at your next wedding, court date or funeral.


    While Google Play Points was introduced in 2020, these changes are significant. We think it could be due to potential competition from alternative app stores, which may offer more discounts and other perks, that Google is trying to offer more value for money.

    Simply put, being the default won’t cut it anymore for Google Play.

    This is also a great indication of the importance of Squadbusters. That this is the flagship game for early access means that Supercell is really living up to expectations. Keep in mind that initial access will be for the US and ‘select locations’, so check to see if your region will get it!

    Oops, that was a lot. So why not take a break and play one of the games on our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)? We have indie hits, hidden gems (sadly not like Diamond Valley) and major releases all in one place!


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