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    PUMA is back on Roblox once again, this time introducing its mini-game based tech experience, PUMA LAND OF THE FUTURE. In this experience, players can challenge their friends to tons of sports-themed mini-games, explore a futuristic map, and even win a handful of free items. Continue reading below to learn more about how to get these delicious treats from PUMA.

    How to unlock all free items in PUMA FUTURELAND

    The following list details all of the free items that have been obtainable within PUMA FUTURELAND. For more details, please continue reading beyond this list.


    To unlock the PUMA PAL, we must appear in PUMA FUTURELAND and look for the PUMA BALL matchmaking queue shown below.

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    By entering this queue and waiting for three other players to join, you will be teleported to the start of a PUMA Ball match. To play PUMA Ball, choose to compete for the blue or orange team, then shoot the oversized ball into the opposing team’s goal to score points; that’s all.

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    After playing three rounds of PUMA Ball, whether you win or lose, the PUMA PAL item will be unlocked.

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    To unlock the PUMA FUTURE BOOTS, simply repeat the steps above until you win at least one PUMA BALL match. As soon as you win your first match, you will get the item.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames


    The PUMA FUTURE JERSEY is unlocked after completing a short obby. To get to this obby, find the portal shown below and enter it. Doing so will teleport you to the start of the obby.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    To complete this obby, jump from one obstacle to another while collecting orange checkpoints. Doing this isn’t too hard, so you should be able to complete it pretty quickly!

    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    As soon as you reach the end of the obby, you will unlock the PUMA FUTURE JERSEY!

    Screenshot from MyFullGames


    That’s it for our guide on how to unlock all the free items inside PUMA FUTURELAND! If/when more items are added to this experience, we will update this guide accordingly.

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