All voice actors in Crisis Core Reunion


    Crisis Core Reunion is a perfect remake. It kept most of the things from the original game, from the story to the gameplay. But is this true of the characters and their voice actors as well?

    All English voice actors in Crisis Core Reunion

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    The English cast of Crisis Core Reunion did not reprise the role of the original actors from the PSP version of the game. They’re all new, and you’ve even heard a lot of them in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

    Notable characters Bender
    zack fair Caleb Pierce
    sefirot tyler hoechlin
    Angel bill millsap
    Genesis shaun count
    Aerith Gainsborough briana white
    cloud conflict christian cody
    lazard francis ausley
    swan kayli mills
    tseng vic bye
    reindeer Arnie Pantoja
    Rude William Stephen
    hojo james sie
    Dutch Jason Marocha
    gillian Ellen Dubin
    kunsell travis moscinski
    Yuffie (Young) brandilyn cheah
    Tifa Lockhart britt baron

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    All Japanese voice actors in Crisis Core Reunion

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    True to Japan’s dubbing culture, if you get the role, you stay with it until you can play it. Most of the Japanese voice actors from Crisis Core Reunion reprized their roles for the game, including Zack and Aerith, whose voice actors are married in real life.

    Notable characters Bender
    zack fair kenichi suzumura
    sefirot Toshiyuki Morikawa
    Angel kazuhiko inoue
    Genesis gackt
    Aerith Gainsborough maaya sakamoto
    cloud conflict takahiro sakurai
    lazard Junpei Blueberry
    swan asumi nakada
    tseng Junichi Suwabe
    reindeer keiji fujiwara
    Rude Taiten Kusunoki
    hojo Shigeru Chiba
    Dutch shinya oowada
    gillian Masako Ikeda
    kunsell Riki Kitazawa
    Yuffie (Young) kino sakai
    Tifa Lockhart ayumi ito

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