How to defeat Peewee the Dragon in Blacktail


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    Blacktale takes us through the mystical origins of Baba Yaga, the forest witch from Slavic mythology. As you play as a young Yaga trying to find her missing sister, you will encounter a world full of enemies, monsters and hostile plants. There are also boss fights that take place at the end of each mainline quest chapter, and keeping your wits about yourself is the key to winning them. One of these boss fights is against Peewee the Dragon. In this guide, we will tell you how you can defeat Peewee the Dragon in Blacktail.

    How to beat Peewee the Dragon in Blacktail

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    Peewee the Dragon is the first boss we meet in Blacktail. He appears at the end of the There Be Dragons quest given to us by Borvy and Jack. After you’ve interacted with Knight, Rebel, and Spy, you’ll meet Twigg, the mischievous little mushroom. Twigg tricks you into jumping into a well where Peewee the Dragon resides. This is where you fight him.

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    Peewee the Dragon throws giant balls of honey at you that explode, dealing area of ​​effect damage. The best way to protect yourself from his attacks is to take cover behind the stone pillars. Simply shooting arrows at Peewee will not affect his health. Instead, you must collect honey around the area, and then deposit it on the two honey geysers in front of you These Honey Geysers function as trebuchets to shoot honey at Peewee the Dragon, causing it to take damage.

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    Once Peewee the Dragon’s health gets low enough, Will-o’-Wisps will start coming out of nests on two sides of the room. if you have sticky arrows, use them to seal their nests to prevent further damage. Once you have defeated Peewee the Dragon, you can decide if you want to kill him or spare him. No matter what you choose, your decision will affect your morality. Completing this quest will unlock the fishing rod and you will get the lost page to unlock the Sticky Arrows recipe.

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