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    Traits or advantages are the backbone of your character structure in Anime Defenders. Understanding their nuances and knowing when to change them for better ones is essential as you move forward. This complete list of all Anime Defenders traits is your guide to becoming a master of the game.

    Anime Defenders Traits List – All Techniques

    Below I have listed all of the Anime Defenders traits and the advantages they give to your character. Use the information and try to choose the one that suits you best.

    Technique Description roll rate
    fighter 1 Increases damage by 10% 7.95%
    fighter 2 Increases damage by 12.5% 7.90%
    fighter 3 Increases damage by 15% 7.80%
    Speed ​​1 Reduces cooldown by 6% 7%
    Speed ​​2 Reduces cooldown by 9% 7%
    Speed ​​3 Reduces cooldown by 12.5%. 7%
    Hunter 1 Increases range by 10% 7%
    Hunter 2 Increases range by 12.5% 7%
    Hunter 3 Increases range by 15% 7%
    Critic 1 Increases critical damage by 20% 6.15%
    Critic 2 Increases critical damage by 25% 6.10%
    Critic 3 Increases critical damage by 30% 6%
    prodigy 1 Increases XP gain by 50% 10%
    The Midas Touch 1 Increases range by 25%. 2.50%
    Diana 1 Agricultural money increases 1.50%
    sonic 1 Decreases cooldown by -20%. 1%
    Accuracy 1 +30% Critical Chance and +30% Critical Damage 0.8%
    Requiem 1 +20% Damage, +10% Reduced Cooldown, and +20% Range 0.2%
    Almighty 1 +280% Damage, 15% Cooldown, +10% Range, and 1 more Placement Limit 0.1%

    How to select a trait in Anime Defenders

    As mentioned above, traits are additional advantages that complement your existing character’s abilities in the game. Instead of equipping something at random, you can choose something that enhances your character’s existing strength or dispels their weakness. This control over your character’s growth is a crucial aspect of Anime Defenders, allowing you to shape your gameplay experience.

    For example, him vengeful shinobi It has an excellent range of 15.4, but if you look at the damage number, it is only 10 per shot. However, you can significantly improve character performance by strategically selecting perks such as Troublemaker, increasing its base damage by 10% to 15%. This peace of mind about the effectiveness of trait selection can increase your confidence and satisfaction in the game.

    How to turn traits back on in Anime Defenders

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To reroll traits in Anime Defenders, you need a particular item called Reroll Crystal. The Reroll Crystal can be obtained randomly as a reward by playing any map with medium to hard difficulty. Alternatively, you can also buy it from the in-game store using Robux.

    Once you have the Reroll Crystal, head to the summoning section. You can find it on the right side of the lobby. Here, go to the repeat trait tree at the beginning of the area. Interact with the tree to open the repeat menu. Select the character you want to trade or get a new rep for and give them a Rep Crystal to spin. Finally, press the Reroll button to spin and get a new trait for your character in Anime Defenders.

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