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    In addition to fighting for missions, one of the best ways to get exclusive and high-level units in Anime Defenders is by trading with other players. While the trading mechanics are simple, players often need help finding a good value for their items in the competitive market. So, here is a list of values ​​of all units in Anime Defenders to refer to while trading within the game.

    All character and item values ​​in Anime Defenders

    Below you will find all the unit values ​​in Anime Defenders. Values ​​are represented in the form of crystal gems, which are the common currency in the game.

    List of all unit values

    Unit Value (gems) Demand
    Sun Jin Woo (Brilliant) (Evo) 110,000 Very high
    Harkari (Brilliant) (Evo) 100,000 Very high
    Sun Jin Woo 90,000 Very high
    Harkari (brilliant) 85,000 Very high
    Sun Jin Woo (Evo) 50,000 Very high
    Harkari (Evo) 45,000 Very high
    Sun Jin Woo 45,000 Very high
    Harakari 40,000 Very high
    Carp (Bright) (Evo) 30,000 High
    Elf Sorceress (Bright) (Evo) 25,000 High
    Sukuna (Brilliant) (Evo) 23,000 High
    Carp (shiny) 21,000 High
    Flame Dragon (Shining) (Evo) 21,000 Good
    Skull (Shiny) (Evo) 21,000 Good
    Ant King (Brilliant) (Evo) 20,000 Good
    Sharp (Bright) Handle (Evo) 20,000 Good
    Thunder Shinobi (Bright) (Evo) 18,000 Decent
    Esper (shiny) (Evo) 15,000 Decent
    Elven Sorceress (Shiny) 15,000 Decent
    Flame Dragon (Bright) 15,000 Decent
    Sukuna (shiny) 14,000 Decent
    Skull (shiny) 13,000 Decent
    Ant King (Bright) 12,500 Decent
    Sharp Shooter (Bright) 12,000 Decent
    Thunder Shinobi (Bright) 11,000 Decent
    Esper (shiny) 10,000 Decent
    Pink rock star (shiny) 3,000 Low
    Ice Admiral (Brilliant) 2,500 Low
    Cursed Fighter (Brilliant) 2,000 Low
    Lava Admiral (shiny) 1,500 Low
    Admiral Maxed Qi (Bright) 1000 Low
    Master Swordsmen (Brilliant) 800 Very low
    Bloomed (bright) 400 Very low

    List of values ​​of all items

    Article Value (gems) Demand
    rainbow cracks 300 Unstable
    Frost Link 150 High
    Given 120 High
    trait crystal 75 Decent
    legendary cracks fifty Low
    epic cracks 25 Low

    How to Trade Anime Defenders

    Image from MyFullGames

    Like most TDS games on Roblox, there is a level requirement to trade Anime Defenders. To trade in the game, you must have at least level 10. Once you are at level 10, read the following instructions to make a trade.

    • Open anime defenders on their respective devices and click on the trade option at the top left of the menu.
    • You will have a list of all the players in the server.
    • Select the player who you want to trade with.
    • The negotiation window will open once they accept the invitationand you can start trading with them.

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