All Power Armor Locations in Fallout 4 2024 Update (Map)


    Fallout 4’s next-gen update in 2024 has brought a wealth of new content to the nearly decade-old game to make the return to the Commonwealth that much more lucrative. Includes three new Power Armor suits, which we’ll now show you how to find.

    Where to get all the Power Armor suits in the Fallout 4 2024 update

    There are three new Power Armor suits added to the game in the 2024 update: Hellfire Power Armor, Enclave Hellfire Power Armor, and X-02 Power Armor. These are all tied to quests that you must complete. These are probably the best ones you can get in the game, so here’s how you can find them quickly:

    Hellfire Power Armor Set Map Location in Fallout 4

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    You can obtain the Hellfire Power Armor set by completing Pyromaniac Quest, which is added right after updating the game to the latest version. This mission will take you to Pyro (a Forged member with Hellfire Power Armor who is located near Bravo Listening Post).

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    Defeating Pyro will give you a chance to get the Hellfire Power Armor parts instead of the Power Armor frame. You will need to purchase a Power Armor Frame from a vendor or find one while exploring; Vendors that sell the Power Armor frame include Arturo in Diamond City, KL-EO in Goodneighbor, Proctor Teagan in Prydwen, and Rowdy in the Atom Cats Garage.

    Hellfire Enclave Power Armor Map Location in Fallout 4

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    The Enclave Hellfire Power Armor is basically the standard Hellfire Power Armor with the Enclave black paint. It also increases the Resistance since all the pieces are painted. You can get this for find Enclave soldiers in the Commonwealth, which were added as part of the next-gen update. You can also find this armor equipped by Enclave soldiers. Around Saugus Hardware Store also during the newly added Echoes of the Past quest.

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    These will also not have the Power Armor frame, so as with the Hellfire set, you will have to buy or find a Power Armor frame.

    X-02 Power Armor Map Location in Fallout 4

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    The X-02 Power Armor (also known as Black Devil Armor) can be obtained through the new quest Speak of the Devil. Advancing the mission will eventually lead you to the Boston Police Rationing Sitewhere you will find the X-02 power armor.

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    The armor parts are initially upgraded to Mk.IV, which will make it a little easier to fully upgrade to Mk VI.

    Best New Power Armor Suit in Fallout 4 2024 Update

    I highly recommend using the X-02 power armor because it has better damage resistance than the Hellfire and Enclave Hellfire armor. He also seems a lot tougher than those two. To make it more menacing and futuristic, definitely add Enclave paint to it.

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