Performance improvements implemented for Gray Zone Warfare, more on the way


    The recent release of Gray Zone Warfare in Early Access has received widespread criticism regarding the game’s overall performance. Fortunately, developer Madfinger Games has begun its crusade to fix these issues as they arise.

    Users on the game’s official Steam discussion forum are especially furious with the game’s various issues, with user LoboDoMar stating: “I can barely get 30 FPS and the game freezes for 20 seconds every time I move on the stage.” . It has an RTX 3080 TI with 3.5Ghz I7-4770k and 32GB of RAM, which is well above Gray Zone Warfare’s minimum recommendation. Comments like this are common on the game’s official Discord and Steam discussion forums, and as someone with a system with slightly higher specs than this, I can attest to having similar issues while playing.

    Madfinger Games has no plans to leave things as they are, as the company has already officially released a hotfix in an attempt to counter the current performance issues. Although smaller in scope, Hotfix 1 has made some changes to how FSR works for graphics cards that lack DLSS frame generation support. Additionally, it states that it has “improved the quality of antialiasing for FSR, focusing on improving performance.”

    While many players have expressed gratitude for the FSR hotfix, some express the opposite, with the hotfix making their performance situation worse. On the official Gray Zone Warfare Discord server, user NaturalBornSina says it has “dropped from 130 (frames per second) to 90 FPS” after the FSR hotfix update. Another user, “I.Vee” on Discord, says that he “started crashing in FSR, but the FPS is much better” compared to DLSS after the FSR hotfix.

    According to Madfinger Games tweet set to X (formally known as Twitter), Hotfix 1 is one of many as the game continues to update towards version 1.0. They mentioned that they are very aware of the performance issues affecting the game and that they will be fixed in the future as development continues. While there hasn’t been any other official information on when these performance fixes will arrive, I suspect they will arrive sooner rather than later, although over an extended period and not all at once.

    The Gray Zone Warfare situation is not uncommon in the current video game climate. Even though development tools are more sophisticated and saturated than ever, performance issues plague the industry at all levels, although indie titles tend to be less common. Gray Zone Warfare is not excluded from this seemingly new standard, however, and Madfinger Games will have to work hard to turn the title’s ‘Mixed’ rating on Steam (largely due to performance issues) into something more positive in the future. .

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