How to Complete Daisy’s Boutique Challenges in Disney Dreamlight Valley


    All Disney Dreamlight Valley players are very excited about Update 10, which became available on May 1, 2024. This update added a ton of additional features to the game, including Daisy’s Boutique. The boutique has daily challenges for players to complete and earn Daisy Coins.

    Daisy’s Boutique Challenge Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

    The Daisy’s Boutique challenges are probably the most confusing thing I’ve come across in the game so far. As such, writing this guide for all my fellow Disney Dreamlight Valley players seems like the best thing to do to help out the community.

    To start one of Daisy’s challenges, you just need to talk to her and ask her what the challenge is. It will then show you a list of clothing and furniture tags (such as SHOES, Simple and Casual) and ask you to display them in the challenge area of ​​the boutique.

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    He Challenge area It is the Boutique area that you can reach by climbing the short black stairs. It has two mannequins in different poses, a wall with various accessories and home decor items, and plenty of floor space.

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    To complete a challenge, you must have each tag marked on Daisy’s list. The list will appear when you access the clothing or furniture menus. For this first challenge, that means having a mannequin with a pair of shoes, plus black elements and simple, calm labels.

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    Are boutique challenges like DreamSnaps at Disney Dreamlight Valley?

    In a way, they absolutely are! In fact, you should think of each Boutique challenge as a combination of the two different DreamSnaps furniture and clothing challenges that we see every week as players. The problem is that you have a smaller area to decorate and you can only place furniture inside.

    However, the Boutique was designed to display Touch of Magic items, so you can use as many or as few personal designs as you like. If you are not good at designing, you can also use your usual clothes and furniture that you bought from Scrooge.

    What are Daisy Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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    Daisy Coins, a cute purple coin with a white daisy emblem, are an exclusive currency that you can only obtain by completing Daisy’s daily challenges in her boutique.

    You can then spend these new coins on Daisy’s clothing and furniture customization templates. These are new templates, which is great because before this update we were limited to 20 clothing templates and only five furniture templates.

    Touch of Magic customization is about to get a lot more complex, but remember that it’s okay if you don’t know what to do. Consider reading our beginner’s guide to Touch of Magic to learn how to use the feature.

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