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    You’ve heard all about the release of Silent Hope and the dungeon mechanics, and now it’s time to jump into the world and decide which character you like best. There are seven playable characters in total in this fun RPG, each in different classes and equipped with their own unique strengths and abilities. You can only play one at a time, which means you’ll want to decide which one is best for you. But do not worry; You can also switch to other characters whenever you want. Keep reading below for all the details!

    The Best Silent Hope Characters, Ranked

    Deciding who is the best character in Silent Hope depends entirely on each individual’s personal preferences and playstyle. Some players may enjoy heavy, high-damage attacks instead of quick, multi-hit attacks. Each character in the game is proficient in different areas and can excel if given the right equipment and skills. However, we’ve put together a light ranking of the characters we think perform best right out of the gate:


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    Caster’s abilities are what really set him apart from the rest. Although he doesn’t make any melee attacks, his magic can hit enemies from a safe distance, pushing them away from him as needed or even drawing them into a vortex so he can damage them all at once. His attacks can be fast and AoE, as well as using different items, so he seems to be at the top of the list right now.


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    The Warrior is another character that seems to stand out from the rest with her highly damaging attacks and wide-reaching sword. Despite being a little slower with her attacks, she makes up for it with how powerful each one can be. She can also charge at enemies with knockback, keeping large groups at bay when she feels overwhelmed.


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    The Wanderer ranks higher in our best character link simply because he is a well-rounded character. He has the perfect balance between defense and offense, using his shield to block some of the incoming damage and attacking enemies with one-handed swords that allow for medium speed and DPS. He is a great starting character, but will be overshadowed by characters with more notable abilities, such as Caster and Warrior.


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    If you prefer a faster approach to battles, Rogue might be a better option for you. She is excellent at performing quick attacks with her dual swords and specializes in weakening enemies to eliminate them faster. She doesn’t have the power that Warrior or Wanderer might have, but she definitely surpasses them in speed. Additionally, she can dash through two or more enemies with her dash special ability and send out an AoE attack that hits everyone around her.


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    The Farmer isn’t your average role-playing game character, but he has some notable abilities. She uses pitchforks and abilities that confuse enemies around her, stunning and stunning them and improving their strength and stability. She has a more defensive nature, but she can defend herself.

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    I love playing archers in RPGs because of their long-range attacks, allowing them to take out enemies without even the risk of returning damage. This Archer is great at doing just that and shines even brighter when setting traps to further prevent incoming damage. However, he simply doesn’t have the power and finesse that some of the characters have, especially when the enemies get up close and personal, which is why he is a little lower on the list.


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    The fighter is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and is excellent at making quick and aggressive attacks. If you don’t mind focusing on one enemy at a time, she can take out enemies fairly efficiently, but she lacks the area of ​​effect focus that other characters have and simply doesn’t have the same powerful hits. She makes it to the bottom of your list only due to the fact that her attacks are more middle-of-the-road and less interesting than the rest.

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    How to change characters in Silent Hope

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    You can switch between characters at any time by interacting with tear crystals in the abyss. This is particularly useful for allowing you to switch out a character who may be low on HP or simply allowing you to try out other abilities.

    Interacting with the crystals will allow you to scroll through the list of characters and select the one you want to switch to, keeping the buffs you had for your previous character active. However, once you use the crystal, it will be destroyed and you will have to wait to find another one to exchange it again or use it to return to your base camp, so use it wisely.

    You can change things up however you want, try out each character and decide for yourself who you think is the best of the best and find a playstyle that really suits you. It doesn’t hurt to give each character a chance to shine by leveling them up and equipping them with better equipment.

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