MW3 players want to swap ‘more complex’ Gunsmith for ‘Pick 10’


    Here we go again. Your annual call of duty-induced migraine is just around the corner. The annual headthrob of a new Gunsmith system in the CoD cycle is approaching.

    Cracking the Da Vinci or Enigma codes was easier than building this year’s meta assault rifle, and Modern Warfare 3 is making life harder.

    Ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer reveal, Sledgehammer Games has revealed a new Gunsmith feature called Aftermarket Parts, making life even more confusing.

    Modern Warfare 3 adds a brand new Gunsmith feature: Aftermarket Parts

    Modern Warfare 2019 has really upped the ante in terms of how much leeway you have with your weapons and how much customization you can add to the base gun. Since then, it has been significantly built into the MW2 version we have today.

    But heading into Modern Warfare 3, aftermarket parts are to be added to the Gunsmith to function somewhat like the long-forgotten weapon vaults were supposed to. This gives players the opportunity to unlock attachments for other guns while using their choice and cross-manufacture said weapons.

    Sledgehammer Games has stated that it wants to “Make oddballs that keep opponents completely safeThe devs added in a social media post, “This is going to dramatically expand the playstyle.

    Modern Warfare 3 fans demand return of simple ‘pick 10’ gunsmith system

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    After the new features brought out by Sledgehammer Games, fans are now tired of this headache of weapon creation and would prefer the gunsmith system to go back to what it was almost 15 years ago.

    Just give us back the ‘Pick 10’ system. Why do I have to play the role of a chemist in creating an ad weapon?” said one fan. Another added, “Just want a normal code gunsmith with a pick 10, is that too much to ask?

    The pick 10 system was the first way to build your loadout back in games like Black Ops 2, where you only had ten slots for your perks, attachments, secondaries and equipment. This meant you had to choose between a red dot and a grenade, when times were much simpler.

    Sledgehammer may be hoping that the aftermarket parts will be better than the weapon vaults, but it might be time to start rolling back the years.


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