Call of Duty fans put Captain Price in Red Dead Redemption 2


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    You’d think we’d have enough Captain Price material. Even if we discount the fact that he was a huge part of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series when it first appeared on the Xbox 360 era – and even appeared in Call of Duty 2 Was – that’s a big deal.

    After the revamp of the MW series of Infinity Ward in the 2019 reboot, Captain John Price continues the series. He’s once again considered a huge part of Modern Warfare 3, though there are fears he’s about to kick the bucket. Now, it looks like Captain Price is getting cozy in other franchises.

    Captain Price comes to Red Dead Redemption 2.

    One player has faithfully brought the Modern Warfare II champion straight back to the Wild West, as he shared a look at his character in Red Dead Online, inspired by the Call of Duty protagonist.

    The character carries a very modern looking rifle (we won’t ask how he got his hands on it) with his full mustache and shiny boot. All things considered, the character design is pretty faithful and comes close to bringing Cap back to the era of cowboys and train robberies.

    Fan reaction to Captain Price in Red Dead Redemption 2

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    Infinity Ward

    Cowpoke 6, going high noon“A commenter made comments as fans flooded the comments to pull their own gags.”I can’t watch Captain Price“One says.”I can only see Ulysses S. Grant with the M4, and I love it.

    Imagine if Rockstar gave us the ability to upload/download characters like WWE 2K does with community creations.says another.I will have a lot of fun with him.We’ve seen some impressive builds of the Red Dead in the past, some of which have previously had their own Homer Simpson.

    Next thing we know, we’ll have the whole of Task Force 141 riding in the Armadillo and shooting the place up. Remember, we already have a cowboy-inspired Ghost skin in the CoD Shop. Still, we doubt their skills will be applied to horse breeding and Bigfoot hunting.


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