How to get a breech-loading grenade launcher in Destiny 2


    You may have heard quite a bit about breech-loading grenade launchers recently while trying to complete missions or simply searching for the best grenade launchers. Below, I’ll explain what breech-loading grenade launchers are and provide tips on how to easily obtain one in Destiny 2.

    Specifically, a breech-loading grenade launcher is required to complete the weekly quest ‘Climb the Mountaintop’.

    The easiest way to get a breech-loading grenade launcher in Destiny 2

    If you are a new player and do not have a loaded grenade launcher but want to get one quickly, you are in luck because it is neither too difficult nor complicated. You can get the empty containeran exotic solar-powered grenade launcher, simply by focusing on Vanguard.

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    To start, you need to collect 3 vanguard engrams and 5,000 brightness. You can easily obtain them by completing Cutting-edge activities from your Destinations tab. You will then see a Vanguard icon, which contains various Vanguard quests, such as To become night either Strikesall of which are PvE activities that allow you to earn Vanguard engrams.

    Once you have enough, you can head to the tower and talk to Commander Zavala to acquire the Breech-Loading Grenade Launcher from the Empty Canister via Focused Decoding.

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    What are breech-loading grenade launchers in Destiny 2?

    If you are not familiar with what a breech-loading grenade launcher is, you are not alone. In Destiny 2, there are two types of grenade launchers. The power grenade launcher is equipped in the heavy weapons slot and consumes heavy ammunition. On the other hand, the The breech-loading grenade launcher is placed in the power or first two weapon slots and uses special ammunition. instead of heavy.

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    Chamber grenade launchers are very powerful and particularly effective at eliminating groups of enemies in PvE or driving out opponents in PvP. They have higher stats than normal grenade launchers, with the only drawback being that the special ammunition is more difficult to obtain in the field compared to the heavy variant.

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