All Exo Seraph Shield Locations in Destiny 2


    Over the course of four weeks, the Guardians have been tasked with finding four dead Exos in the Season of the Seraph seasonal mission, Operation: Seraph’s Shield. The quest itself functions as a single player version of Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt raid. Unfortunately, Guardians won’t be able to collect all four in a single run. In addition to running on Legendary, each must be collected in a separate run. Now that you are mentally prepared, we tell you where to find them.

    Where to find all four Exos in Operation: Seraph’s Shield

    Exo #1 (If you choose to accept it, Part I)

    The first dead Exo is in the room with the rigged floor tiles and laser grids. Solve the challenge and collect the schematics from the corpse before leaving the otherwise empty room.

    Exo #2 (If you choose to accept it, Part II)

    After acquiring the Operator perk and entering the third set of vents, Guardians will need to shoot an Operator panel through a gap. After doing so, turn around and follow the vent to the right to find the second Exo.

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    Exo #3 (If you choose to accept it, Part III)

    The third Exo is in the first boss fight room, where Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers, first appears. This is the same room where the Guardians must fight the three brigs. After entering the room, he looks to the right to find the Exo. We recommend doing this before starting the fight so you don’t forget it.

    Exo #4 (If you choose to accept it, Part IV)

    The fourth and final Exo is found in Eliksni Ketch right after defeating the first boss (three brig fight) and being captured. After clearing the small hallway just outside your cell, look in the middle alcove on the right to find the last Exo.

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