How to Get Better DreamSnaps Scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley


    Getting a low score on DreamSnaps is the nightmare of any player looking to get free Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Every week, a new challenge appears in the events section of the in-game menu, allowing players to take a great photo in-game and share it with all other active players.

    How to Get Better DreamSnaps Scores in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Low scores can be discouraging for players who have spent a lot of time and effort submitting their DreamSnaps, so we hope this guide explains how to increase your DreamSnaps score by tailoring your DreamSnaps submission to the preferences of the system and other players.

    playing the system

    Your base score in each DreamSnaps weekly challenge is determined by the number of items in your photo that meet the challenge’s mandatory and bonus requests. For example, this week’s challenge is the “Monster-sona” challenge; a clothing challenge in which players are asked to dress their avatar in a way inspired by Monsters inc.

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    The required tags for this challenge are “Quirky” and “Wonderful.” You will need to have at least three quirky outfits and four wonderful outfits on your avatar to submit an entry to this challenge. Remember that clothing and accessories can share tags, so you can meet both requirements by wearing something that has Quirky and Wonderful attached to the tags shown.

    To get a better base score from the DDLV system, you should try to maximize your tags. Wear as many items of clothing with those labels as possible. This is harder to do with outfit challenges because you can only wear a limited amount of clothing. Furniture challenges are much easier to work with: you can place as many pieces of furniture as you want in the photo area, and there are no limitations beyond including them all in the shot.

    Remember to include bonus tag items to increase your score even more. Without those bonus tags, you’ll miss out on a lot of DDLV points.

    Getting more votes

    Players have particular tastes when it comes to voting, and while every player is different, the likes and dislikes of the average DreamSnaps voter have become well known in the community. You are more likely to get more votes from players if you follow these tips:


    1. Stick to the topic.
    2. Include relevant companions, such as Sulley to Monsters Inc. challenges.
    3. Use the game controls to get better lighting; You can change the “time of day” in the graphics menu. Gamers prefer well-lit photos.
    4. Enlarge. So many players may not vote for photos with a lot of unused space that don’t have furniture.
    5. Include furniture, even if it’s a sartorial challenge. Players will vote for the completed photo regardless of the challenge posed.
    6. Be unique. Players see a lot of the same outfits, so try to do something in your photo that makes you stand out: add an animal companion, change the angle of the photo, customize your avatar beyond its outfit, etc.
    7. Remember to vote! Not only will you get an additional 50 Moonstones for voting, but you will also help other players by voting for their photos.


    1. Use filters (the filters offered on DDLV are not good and many of them cover parts of your photo. Unless the subject is somewhat dark, avoid using them).
    2. Take interior photos that show the black space around the room. Zoom in to avoid this or don’t take the photo in a corner.
    3. Throw anything together and call it a day. Unless you’re just looking to get the minimum reward for your photo, it’s best to avoid this. But equally, don’t spend hours on it, unless you want to!
    4. Take it too seriously. The weekly challenges are supposed to be a fun way for players to earn free moonstones and interact with the social aspect of the game.
    5. Use selfie mode in dress up challenges. It’s super cute, but players want to see your full outfit!
    6. Copy other submissions. With the rise of community groups on Facebook, this is something that has been noticed. It’s very annoying for the original creator of the photo, and it’s surely better to be rewarded for your own submission.

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    Photography Tips for New Players

    If you recently purchased Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlocked the chamber, you probably don’t have a ton of clothing or furniture options. To make your photo look fuller or more dynamic, try these tips:

    1. Take a photo at an angle and zoom in to show less white space around you.
    2. Take some time to feed the valley critters so you can have a furry, feathery, or scaly friend in your photos.
    3. Wait for the perfect moment. You might be able to catch lightning in your photo or take it at sunrise or sunset for a really themed shot. For some reason, many players don’t like rainy photos, but I personally love them. Sometimes you have to take risks!
    4. Try “advertising” your photo on Facebook or Discord groups to let other players know to keep an eye out for it!
    5. Consider visiting resource or gift houses to create other furniture without spending hours gathering materials.
    6. You can’t include Touch of Magic items in your submission and the game currently detects them in the background of your photos, which is a bit annoying. If you can live without them, it’s best to avoid having them around or have a dedicated area for outdoor photography. You also cannot use any Touch of Magic items that you have customized.
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    We can’t promise you that you will definitely get more moonstones and points for your shipment if you follow this guide, but this information has been collected over months of playing and being a part of the various Disney Dreamlight Valley communities available online.

    Where do I find this week’s DreamSnaps challenge?

    Open your menu after logging into the game and go to the Events tab. You should see the word “DreamSnaps” on the left, along with “Current Challenge,” “Vote,” and “Reward.”

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    Scroll down (or click on) the Current Challenge option to view this week’s challenge. This tab will tell you what you need to submit this week to participate in the challenge and at least achieve the minimum reward. Even if you don’t do well in the voting/scoring period after you submit, you can still get 300 Moonstones, a random piece of furniture or clothing, and some Pixel Dust.

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    What are DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

    Image from MyFullGames

    Players new to Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDLV) may not have unlocked DreamSnaps yet or may find them a little confusing. Alright! DreamSnaps is an in-game event that any player can participate in. To access DreamSnaps, you will need to have the camera tool unlocked in your game, which can be done by completing Scrooge’s quest, The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley, and unlocking Vanellope. .

    Once you have completed this mission, you will be able to equip the camera to your avatar, in the same way that you equip any of your tools (the fishing rod, the shovel, etc.).

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