All Destiny 2 Season 19 Season Challenges (Season of the Seraph)


    Season of the Seraph is the 19th season of Destiny 2 and returns to focus on Rasputin and the Bray family. As the Guardians work through the weekly story, there’s a lot to unpack and discover with these characters who have been around for nearly a decade. But, to help focus Guardians, there’s the Seraph Seal, Title, and Triumph roster. Complete each of the 10 Triumphs listed below and both the Seal and the Title will be yours.

    Destiny 2 Season of Seraph Triumphs

    • rebuilding rasputin
      • Complete the mission “More than a weapon”.
    • gadgets galore
      • Unlock all upgrades on Exo Frame.
    • frame reset
      • Reset your vendor rank with the Exo Frame.
    • authorized users
      • Defeat targets with Season of the Seraph or IKELS v1.0.3 weapons. Progress bonus for defeating Guardians.
    • silence alarm
      • Defeat the Deathtongue Choristers before they start the Battlesong in the Heist Battlegrounds playlist.
    • solid seraph
      • Complete “Operation: Seraph Shield”.
    • Classified
      • No details available at this time.
    • Classified
      • No details available at this time.
    • The Guardian’s Best Friend
      • Find the mechanical dog in the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield”.
    • production model
      • Obtain the Veles-X Pulse Rifle.

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    Please note that it will not be possible to complete everything at the start of the season, as Bungie drip feeds content over the course of seven to 10 weeks. Specifically, at the time of writing, there are two Triumphs that have not been made available via any method, but we’ll be sure to update you as that information leaks.

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