All dark and darker maps



    Dark and Darker features brutal hardcore dungeon crawling. The goal is to get in, grab some loot, and get out alive. You will find various monsters, traps, and other players, all looking to kill you. But before tackling all of that, you’ll need to navigate the dungeon first, and learning the maps is a good way to do that. This may leave you wondering what maps are in Dark and Darker.

    All maps dark and darker

    There are currently four maps for Dark and Darker in the alpha playtest. Each of these has different designs and therefore requires different strategies, especially when the Death Swarm approaches. Your class will also affect how you traverse the Dark and Darker dungeons. More maps may come with the full release. Here are all the maps in Dark and Darker.

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    • crypto 1
    • crypto 2
    • hell 1
    • hell 2

    In addition to these maps, there are also two difficulty modesNormal and High-Roller. The normal entry is free and will be what most players use. High-Roller raises the stakes, bringing higher rewards but much higher risks. You will also need to pay to enter the High-Roller dungeons.

    We recommend studying the maps or keeping them open while you play; that way, you can safely navigate each maze. The last thing you want is to follow a path and get stuck when the Death Swarm approaches you. Knowing which corridor to take or learning where the hidden passages are is a great way to stay alive.

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