All Aquamarine Locations (Map) in FF16 The Rising Tide


    Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide has introduced new and better accessories for Clive to create. The only drawback is that they require material that can only be found in Mysidia and, at that, in fixed quantities. This is where you can find aquamarines in FF16.

    Final Fantasy 16: Where to find aquamarines in Mysidia

    Aquamarine only appears on the Mysidia map after you have finished the What Ails You side quest in Haven. The blacksmith will reward you with a stone that can detect aquamarine throughout the map. You should hear the sound of a drop of water when you’re nearby, but these things also grow quite loudly.

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    Aquamarine locations differ based on difficulty. I found that the harder difficulties, like Final Fantasy and Action mode, had more aquamarines located inside the bellies of the monsters. This means that you have to defeat many enemies to obtain them.

    Here are all the Aquamarine locations I found in Final Fantasy 16. This is an ongoing list!

    Near Haven, South

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    Leave Haven and head to the nearby riverbank.

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    tailwind bay

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    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Depending on its current difficulty, Tailwind Bay may hold an aquamarine or two. Come closer to the Lesser Archelones and listen to the sound effects of your drop of water. If you hear it, or a “Did you hear that?” from Clive, then that’s your cue to cut off his belly to get the coveted gem.

    The fall of the father

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    An Aquamarine can be found at one of the forks around Father’s Fell.

    The sunken ruins

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    Behind or near a group of hardy crabs, you’ll find an aquamarine buried in shallow water.

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