Dead by Daylight will remove individual DLC and reduce prices for nine characters


    Dead by Daylight has already removed many individual original chapter DLCs from stores, and that list is now being expanded with four more DLCs. This change will also reduce the price of nine characters.

    Dead by Daylight Endless Hunt DLC Pack Contents

    Dead by Daylight presents the Endless Hunt DLC Pack in own stores. This package allows players to purchase four DLC from the original chapter at a reduced price, following in the footsteps of previous DLC changes. If you are interested, here are all the characters you can get in this pack.

    DLC Name Killer Survivor
    Portrait of a murder The artist Jonas Vasquez
    tools of torment The Skull Trader Thalita Lyra
    Renato Lira
    Forged in the fog The Knight Vittorio Toscano
    Roots of dread The dredge Hadie Kaur

    The Endless Hunt package will be available May 14. That means all of the individual DLC in the pack will be removed from the first-party stores. Don’t worry if you don’t want to purchase all four DLCs, though, as you can still purchase individual characters through the in-game store. Individual character prices will also be reduced to 250 auric cells either 4500 iridescent fragments.

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    Our opinion

    While I appreciate DBD’s recent price changes, I’m not very excited about this DLC pack. Considering that none of the Killers from these DLCs are in the top 10 picks based on official Behavior stats and what I’ve found in testing, not many people will be looking forward to this update. The only one I would personally get is the Survivor, Jonah Vasquez, but I already have him anyway.

    The other three Dead by Daylight DLC packs look much better. Especially Maddening Darkness, which includes the Doctor and Feng Min, an amazing Killer and Survivor duo with great powers and advantages.

    If you’re like me and already have exactly who you want, then this DLC update doesn’t change anything for you. You can also get recolored outfits in the in-game store. The only thing exclusive to the pack is the specific DLC items, and if you’re just buying them for that, then it’s really not worth it.

    If you want to know which characters to get, check out the Top 10 Dead by Daylight Survivors and Top 10 Dead by Daylight Killers in Pro Gaming Guides.

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