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    Eliminating your opponent with a Kill Sound is one of the best feelings a player can experience in Jujutsu Shenanigans. So if you’re looking for some great ones to add to your library, here’s a great collection of Jujutsu Shenanigans Kill Sound ID lists to explore.

    All Sound IDs That Work for Jujutsu Shenanigans – Roblox

    These are some of the coolest death sounds to use within Jujustsu Shenanigans. My personal favorites are Rick Roll and mario death—They are both iconic music that everyone can remember, and I love using them to troll enemies.

    Sound name sound identification
    anime girl 6389463761
    Bye bye! 7334141704
    cat boy 6052561729
    chinese wave 8786891922
    Dad! 7133811751
    I eliminated you! 8257514392
    die in my hands 8512364061
    Upset 8904888220
    Everyone on this server 1461317727
    Final dead 4204302009
    fnaf 8308107333
    fog horn 229325720
    God prey 8399934126
    Bye 7859591812
    Silly sounds 4702564143
    big goodbye 7859591812
    ez 8922169253
    hard drive failure 8864069181
    iShowSpeed 8888216980
    Laugh 8647630325
    Laugh 265201042
    loud anime 6797864253
    Goku strong dripping 6427919074
    mario death 7361042352
    Failed mission 7361248895
    Mr. Squidward 7198382725
    My platonic love 7384877257
    my best friend max 7307468961
    Rookie 1352824542
    In your face! 7620015348
    P-Introduction 4813706721
    Rake 6343741731
    Rick Roll 5560182875
    Roblox is delicious! 6462883112
    sad trumpet 6185331235
    Six 7808493880
    Sleep 8191363542
    Spit 1067195537
    Clout 8525328211
    Sip 7707519607
    Suck 4492455380
    This is very easy! 5352458739
    toyota 6602974485
    Climbing plant 9060808331
    Virus Memes 6660458695
    Welcome to the real man’s world 7508024588
    Good boy! 6726104707
    Wet Fart Meme 6445594239
    What was that damage? 7199159152
    Wah wah wah 5809225554
    Yeah 9042248317
    Yes, that’s what I thought! 336382574
    You’re not that guy! 7012979460

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    How to change the death sound in Roblox Jujutsu Shenanigans

    To use Kill Sound ID in Jujutsu Shenanigans, you must purchase the Kill Sound ID feature pass. Follow the steps indicated to make the purchase.

    Image via Roblox Jujutsu Shenanigans
    • Open Jujutsu Shenanigans on your respective devices.
    • Click on the store icon at the top left of the screen.
    • Navigate to the Game Pass section to find the Kill Sound Custom Pass.
    • Pay 100 Robux to buy the pass. Remember, it’s a permanent purchase and you don’t need any additional battle passes to run the feature.
    • Revisit the same menu to find a new input box called Kill Sound ID. Copy and paste any code from the list above to enjoy your favorite sounds.

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