How to turn off podcasts in Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man spends a lot of time swinging or web-sliding around New York in Spider-Man 2, and podcasts help the time pass faster while he’s on the go.

    But not everyone enjoys podcasts; Fortunately, Spider-Man 2 has audio options to disable podcasts in addition to its visual settings.

    How to turn off podcasts in Spider-Man 2

    TO turn off and disable podcasts In Spider-Man 2, you need to go into your settings. You can turn off individual podcasts, so you can only listen to the ones you like. Whether you want to disable JJJ Podcast, Danika Podcast, or all of them, you can easily do so

    • Press Begin.
    • Click Settings.
    • Select Audio.
    • Scroll to locate Podcasts.
    • Disable the podcasts you want to disable.

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    How to disable open world music?

    Podcasts aren’t the only option to listen to when traveling around New York. You can also enjoy music while traveling through the open world. If you prefer not to listen to music and enjoy your own, you can disable this function. Here’s how to turn off open world music in Spider-Man 2.

    • Press Begin.
    • Open Settings.
    • Choose Audio.
    • Scroll down to Music.
    • Deactivate Open world music.

    Does Spider-Man 2 have a streamer mode?

    spider man 2 It has a streamer mode, which removes licensed music from the game. Most music is copyrighted and can cause problems for streamers if played during a live broadcast. With streaming mode, players can stream games without worrying about copyrighted music. Here’s how to activate streaming mode in Spider-Man 2.

    • Press Begin.
    • Gonna Settings.
    • Select Audio.
    • Scroll to Music.
    • Allow Transmission Mode.

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