How to evolve Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell



    The Vampire Survivors Mirage Robe is one of the hardest things to unlock in the new Legacy of Moonspell DLC. After completing a series of lengthy tasks to obtain it, you’ll be able to turn the weapon into its powerful J’Odore upgrade by combining it with a specific item.

    How to evolve Mirage Robe to J’Odore in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell?

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    The Mirage Robe can evolve in J’Odore after you’ve been set with a maximum Magnet passive element. To activate the evolution, you will first need to get your Mirage Robe to level 8 and your Magnet to level 2. Once both items have reached their higher ranks, you will be able to combine them by finding the J’Odore evolution. on a random chest drop.

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    How to get the Mirage tunic from Vampire Survivors?

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    Mirage Robe is unlocked After you survive 15 minutes in a race with baby onna. Although you’ll automatically be given access to the weapon after you get the new character, you’ll need to make it to the middle of a run to add it to your weapon pool permanently. If you do not have the Mirage Robe, you will first need to unlock Babi-Onna by completing the tasks below.

    How to unlock Babi-Onna in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of Moonspell DLC?

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    Unfortunately, Babi-Onna is more of a late-game character in the new DLC, so you’ll need to invest quite a bit of time to get her. Not only will you need to unlock several characters first, but you’ll also need to craft a handful of weapons before it can be played. Below are the full steps that need to be completed to unlock Babi-Onna and her Mirage Robe weapon.

    • Step 1: Find and open the coffin on Mount Moonspell to unlock Miang as a playable character.
    • Step 2: Survive 15 minutes in a race with Miang Moonspell to unlock her Silver Wind weapon.
    • Step 3: Evolve Silver Wind into Festive Winds by combining the weapon with a maximum passive item from Pummarola. Doing this will unlock Menya Moonspell at the character select screen.
    • Step 4: Survive 15 minutes with Menya in a race to unlock her Four Seasons weapon.
    • step 5: Evolves Four Seasons into Godai Shuffle by combining it with Max Spinach and Candelabrador. Doing this will give you access to Syuuto Moonspell as a playable character.
    • step 6: Survive 15 minutes in a race with Syuuto to unlock the Summoning Night Weapon.
    • step 7: Evolve Summon Night into Echo Night by combining it with a max doubler passive item. After completing this, you will finally unlock Babi-Onna and her starting weapon Mirage Robe.

    Evolutionary Mirage Robe in J’Odore will to unlock McCoy-Oni Also, which will give you access to the new Vampire Survivors 100 Bocce weapon. Both Mirage Robe and J’Odore can be upgraded with X Beginning Arcana. If you choose the card at the start of the run, your character will be able to cast more mirages of himself.

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