TCL is presenting a 4K TV that is 98inch in diameter


    At CES 2023, TCL and its display subsidiary CSOT unveiled several interesting new products. The manufacturer announced a 98-inch gaming TV, new OLED panels, a large pixel density LCD earphones and a tablet with retractable display.

    Image Source: TCL CSOT

    As part of the event, TCL announced the imminent launch of a new wave of large screens based on light beam and QL. In support of this statement, a prototype gaming TV, which cost 98 centimeters, is shown to the general public. It has a screen refresh rate of 240 Hz, which is impressive in some models.

    Some items of exposition at the TCLs have already been presented earlier. This is the real RGB LCD-VR, whose pixel density is 1700 PPI. You can see the 8K display, which is intended to replace a 65-inch display.

    TCL also showed a 65-inch OLED display, created in partnership with JOLED with inkjet printing. The manufacturer claims that the use of inkjet printing technology allows you to create panels that require a lot of resolution and a greater color range, as well as a more efficient energy efficient design. Out of that, the developers produced a prototype for a 14-inch tablet with an elastic screen that is capable of spinning and bending.

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