Spider-Man 2 Best Skills, Suit Tech, Gadgets, and Early Game Abilities


    Peter Parker and Miles Morales wear the mask in Spider-Man 2, but they both have abilities, suit technology, gadgets, and skills that help them be the best superhero in New York. But you’ll need to use the right ones, especially just starting out, so make sure you choose the following ones.

    The best abilities, skills, suit technology and gadgets to choose first in Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man has numerous options for abilities, skills, gadgets, and more that you can equip and upgrade for Peter and Miles. From the start, you’ll want to choose the ones listed below to ensure you have a smooth start and a great foundation to build on as you progress. Here are the best starting abilities, skills, suit tech, and gadgets I recommend getting first in Spider-Man 2.

    Best Early Abilities, Skills, Suit Tech, and Gadgets for Peter and Miles – Spider-Man 2

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    Peter’s best skills

    • Flood of spiders:
      • Unleash a flurry of Spider Arm attacks that damage an enemy.
    • spider fever:
      • Drive forward and damage the enemies in your path.
    • spider crash:
      • Shocks enemies with electrified web lines, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
    • Symbiotic Yankee:
      • Grab several enemies and pull them towards you.

    Best Miles Skills

    • Poison Strike:
      • A devastating bioelectric punch. Apply Venom Stun to the main target and enemies behind it.
    • poison race:
      • Run towards an enemy and then knock them down with a burst of Poison.
    • Poison Strike:
      • Slams the ground with a Venom-powered punch, applying Venom Stun to nearby enemies and knocking them back.
    • poison jump:
      • Lifts nearby enemies into the air and applies Venom Stun to them.

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    Better shared skills

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    • loop loop:
      • While diving, continue pressing R2 to perform a super kinetic loop maneuver and generate a speed boost.
    • web whip:
      • Hold Triangle to attach a web to an enemy’s weapon, then tap R1 to disarm and forcefully return the weapon.
    • Combined replenishment:
      • Adds the chance to get a free device shot at the end of a 4-hit melee combo.
    • Perfect reload to dodge:
      • Skills partially recharge after performing a perfect dodge.

    Peter’s best skills

    • Spider Shock: Overload:
      • Spider Shock now sends an energy surge that chains to additional enemies.
    • Spider Rush: Tornado:
      • Spider Rush draws enemies towards Spider-Man from further away.
    • Spider Rush: Web Express:
      • Spider Rush grabs the first three targets it hits.
    • Symbiote Yank: Empowered:
      • Ignore the limit on the number of enemies attracted to Symbiote Yank.
    • Symbiote Attack: Extended:
      • Extends the distance traveled and greatly increases the number of enemies you can grab and throw into the air.

    Best Miles Skills

    • Poison Punch: Concentrated Force:
      • Venom Punch exerts force in a cone from the main target and knocks back all enemies caught in it.
    • Venom Dash: Double Dash:
      • Immediately after performing a Venom Dash, press L1 + Triangle to follow up with a second free Venom Dash.
    • Poison Strike: Jolt:
      • Tap L1 + Circle a second time during Venom Smash to launch enemies into the air.
    • Mega Venom Blast: self-care:
      • Focus fills when Mega Venom Blast is used.

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    Better suit technology

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    • Focus:
      • Concentration is the most important upgrade, as concentration is vital to surviving and being Spider-Man. Affects combat, stealth, and healing.
    • Damage:
      • Damage is another great way to upgrade, as it makes dealing with weaker enemies faster and helps defeat dangerous bosses.

    Note: Suit Tech now applies to all suits, so you can change suits and keep your upgrades.

    Best gadgets

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    • Web grabber:
      • Draws multiple enemies to a single location, making them vulnerable to area attacks.
    • Web shooters:
      • Bind enemies with multiple rapid shots. Aim at enemies that are face down or near walls to glue them to the surface.
    • Result:
      • Suspends several enemies in the air, making them vulnerable to aerial combos or knockdowns.

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