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    Like most Roblox titles, Blade Ball Players also have a rough time understanding the several mechanics of the game due to the lack of a proper tutorial system. While certain core aspects are explained in the main menu, it is not in-depth and does not benefit new players trying to improve their game. So, if you are a newbie trying to secure your first win in Blade Ball, read the following insights and improve your overall game sense.

    How to win consistently in Blade Ball – Roblox Guide

    Learn and follow the below tips to consistently secure wins in Blade Ball.

    Blocking the Ball

    Firstly, learn to deflect/block the ball regularly. Though you only need to press Q to deflect, it will take hours or even days to get the timing right. The trick to deflect is to hit the Q concerning the speed of the ball before an arm’s length to your character avatar. We know it’s a challenging mechanic to master. That’s the reason we have a dedicated guide on blocking balls consistently. I highly recommend reading the article before continuing here.

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    While hitting is one part, repositioning is the other half of securing wins in Blade Ball. Do not stay in a single position in Blade Ball at all. Instead, keep moving around the map while tracking the orientation of the ball. But this does not mean you can W key and run around the map meaninglessly. I usually change position when there are too many players around me with abilities that can increase the speed of the ball.

    Remember, never closely position yourself adjacent to an opponent or in front of them because you will not have enough time to react if the ball is coming toward you.

    Tracking the Ball

    From the start, always keep an eye on the ball. Do not change your camera angle for any reason, and keep the focus on the ball. I have seen many people lose their lives foolishly for not tracking the ball. Do not think of it as a chore. Instead, following random rallies between players enables you to know about your opponent’s abilities, strategies, and overall approach.

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    Blade Ball Abilities 

    Equipping top-tier abilities is essential in securing victories in Blade Ball. After hopping inside the map, click the skills button in the main menu and go through each power. Study how they work and unlock the ability that suits your gameplay style. Since you are a beginner, I recommend using Dash or Raging Deflection to aid you in early-game scenarios. If you want a detailed analysis of the abilities, check out our Abilities Tier List to get a complete understanding of the potential of each skill.

    Irrespective of your ability type, please don’t spam the skill and constantly put it under cooldown. Instead, save it and use it when the ball is traveling fast.

    Standoff Scenarios

    Emerging victorious in Standoff scenarios entirely depends on how you study your opponents. By mid-game, you must carefully observe players that have the potential to be final contenders. Study their abilities and movement patterns. Quickly adapt to their moves and counter them to emerge victorious. For example, if your enemy has a Raging Deflection ability, you should know that it can increase the speed of the ball and react more swiftly to deflect further balls. 

    Remember, all the above tips are only insights into the core gameplay of Blade Ball. To truly improve, there are no other shortcuts than grinding and practicing the game. 

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