How to use Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm


    Some things in Fae Farm just aren’t spelled out for you, like how to register your animals. One of those tricky things to figure out is using the magical component of your iron pickaxe. But I figured it out! And I’ve got all the steps for how to do it down below.

    How do you use the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm?

    Whenever you’ve reached a certain level in Chapter Three, you’ll be asked to use your newly upgraded iron pick axe in a special way. Cleo wants you to use its magical abilities in the mines. How do you do this? Just hold down the Y button on your controller to charge up the iron pickaxe magical ability. From there, that’s all you need to do (aside from checking back in with Cleo)!

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    What does Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability do in Fae Farm?

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    The Iron Pickaxe in Fae Farm has a special magical capability that will clear multiple items at once for you. It works by charging up a lot of power at once before striking and breaking/gathering the items in the square. Be aware of the fact that the magical ability uses Mana, not Energy. That means that you will need to watch the blue bar at the top and make sure not to run out. You can use a Mana potion if needed.

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