How to follow Distortions on your Scanner in Starfield


    Scanner distortions are an essential part of the main questline of Starfield, and we’ve got everything you need to know to follow them in the game. These distortions point you in the direction of anomalies, which will eventually lead you to special powers.

    However, you might be confused when you’re initially tasked with following the scanner distortions. Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help and explain everything you need to know about these distortions in the game.

    What are scanner distortions in Starfield?

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    Scanner distortions in Starfield are seen when you have your scanner open in certain areas. Specifically, you will see them in an area that has gravitational anomalies and a temple

    Temples are where you find unique unlockable powers in Starfield. The scanner distortions will lead you towards these temples, allowing you to gain these powers for yourself.

    You’ll first be introduced to scanner distortions during the main quest “Into the Unknown”. After completing this quest you’ll be able to get more powers from other planets across the universe.

    If you follow scanner distortions you may find an anomaly when you’re first given the task of investigating them. These are not the temples you’re looking for, but they’re a sign that you’re in the right area.

    How to follow scanner distortions in Starfield

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    Following scanner distortions in Starfield is quite simple, as all you have to do is open your scanner using LB or the F key and look around and your screen should slightly distort eventually.

    You should see the ring in your scanner view distorting when you look in a certain direction. This direction is the direction you need to go to reach a temple. Make sure you look around in a full 360-degree view to make sure you’ve covered every direction the temple could be in.

    Once you see the scanner’s ring start to distort, head in that direction. It will eventually lead you to a temple where you can enter and gain a special power. It usually won’t be too far from the landing spot if you land at a “Scanner Anomaly” landing site.

    That’s all you need to know about scanner distortions in Starfield. Now you can grab those powers at the temples and advance the main questline if you were stuck!

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