Zachary Levi shuts down the DCU recasting rumors



    It seems that Zachary Levi won’t follow Henry Cavill and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson out of the DC Universe at any rate – but for now.

    The verdict is still pending if Zachary Levi will continue to be Shazam! 6 months from now.

    EDIT:View the short version or swipe for a little more time.

    Since fans worried about his role in the DC Universe going forward, Levi has put that to say: “No one wants to talk about why she is a DC Universe player.”

    Oooh, I wouldn’t ever trust everything you see on the internet. I’m Ash, Gucci. We all Gucci.

    Of course we shouldn’t think anything we read, even if that is Levi. Keep in mind that The Rock went on a press conference to tell everybody that Henry Cavill is back in the DCU with the confirmation that he’s still in the house and that we know how that happened. If just to play the devil’s advocate, Levi is probably not allowed to tell anyone that he will be booted as soon as Shazam goes out. Fury of Gods starts on March 17. After all, Gunn will be rebooting the DCCU with the next set of movies.

    If Zachary Levi isn’t Shazam!, we hope James Gunn will have fun with the role of Asher Angel.

    The fate of several big names, who were known to be synonymous with the still-defunct DC Extended Universe, has finally appeared on the air when James Gunn has returned. Perhaps Gal Gadot and her Wonder Woman will still be part of the DCU after Gunn axed her Wonder Woman 3. Meanwhile, rumors suggest that Jason Momoa is going to go from playing Aquaman to playing Lobo, presumably after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom come out next year. Finally, Gunn’s latest statement about “no-recasting everyone” really inspires no hope, given that we have no clue what happened in his mind.

    With that being said, it’s useless to worry about something not relevant to our control. Fans can relax and shake Shazam. The gods have suffered from anger in theaters.



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