Amazon goes live with early boxing day tech deals



    Although Boxing Day 2022 is still a few days away, Amazon Canada is letting the money go with some of its deals, and claimed them as early boxing days.

    Consider the following items:

    • Up to 35 cents off Fitbit Fitness Luxe Trackers, Sense 2 Smartwatches.
    • Just 34% off Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Trackers, Versa 4 Smartwatches, Weight Scales.
    • 16% off Beats Earbuds.
    • 28 cents off Nikon Z6 w/ 24-70mm Lens Kit + FTZ II Adapter.
    • Up to 34 % off GoPro-HERO cameras and accessories.
    • Canon cameras and lenses offer up to 17 % off to 12 months.
    • Get 12% off Apple iPads, Watches, Accessories and more.
    • Up to 43% off the DJI Mini 2 Combo and the FPV sandboxes.
    • Get the lowest price for a computer for Xbox Wireless.
    • Get to 38.8% off games and other items for Nintendo Switch.
    • Up to 56.9% off – Play-and-out games for PlayStation 3.
    • Five-six percent discount on games and accessories for Xbox One.
    • One1% discount on Meta Quest with two free games.
    • 20% off Shure Microphones, Headphones & More.
    • Get 40 percent off High-End-Type 7 Smartwatches.
    • 34 % off Bose headphones, headphones, speakers, and earbuds.
    • One cent off Fire TV.
    • 38% off select Sony Headphones.
    • 11% off Kindle ebooks.
    • 26% of the DualSense Wireless Controller.
    • 76.6% off games and accessories from PlayStation.
    • 45% off the Echo Show Protection.
    • Get 25% off Google Chromecast.
    • Buy 17 % off Samsung Galaxy Watches & Buds.
    • Get the discount on Ring Video Doorbells up to 29 cents.
    • To 28.8% off the Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat December.
    • Up to a quarter of their sales is off Samsung’s mobile phone.
    • Of up to 19% off Google Pixel 7!

    These partnerships do not influence our editorial content. However, we may earn commissions on purchases made via these links that help fund the free information provided on our website.

    Source: Amazon Canada.



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