XDefiant’s confusing UI causes players to miss the map’s voting system


    XDefiant is still in its growth phase as players flock to all types of FPS games to gauge if this title can measure up to the big boys. However, they’re off to a bad start when players don’t realize that XDefiant has a map voting system hidden in its UI.

    Reddit user shpooples_ jumped onto the XDefiant subreddit to give the player base a little PSA: showing that this FPS has a map veto system to the surprise of many. They specifically mention the point that this voting system is unfortunately hidden in XDefiant’s messy UI. Between lobby selection, Battle Pass, loadouts, active reinforcement, and even the news feed, it’s no wonder players are missing out on this crucial option.

    A large majority of users in the thread express surprise and say, “I didn’t even notice!” or “Okay, now I know that map voting exists in this game.” A third voice even chimed in in disbelief: “THERE IS THERE A MAP VOTE?!!”

    Even I was surprised to read that XDefiant had such a great user experience. Being able to choose our maps and avoid the terrible ones has been an afterthought for most FPS games. It’s refreshing that a standard “I shoot you, you shoot me” shooter brings back the ability to play on the best maps. However, it is also unfortunate that Ubisoft overlooked such a crucial and obvious issue: the user interface.

    The user interface of any game is critical to the player experience and often leads to confusion, misinformation, or even a complete lack of mechanics. It’s Ubisoft’s job to ensure that all relevant information is offered to players without being overwhelming or completely forgettable. Developers have room to grow in these areas.

    One user (Ryctre) chimed in to add some clarity, saying: “There’s no map voting in the welcome lobby. So everyone who finds out is probably still there. But yeah, no one votes on maps or on the thumbs up to teammates at the end of the game, so they should probably increase the visibility a little.” This may explain why some players don’t see the option for their initial experience, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that the option itself is very unnoticeable.

    That’s all we have on XDefiant’s “hidden” map voting system. If you’re looking for similar content, check out XDefiant Max Level Cap and How to Level Up Fast and more in Pro Gaming Guides.

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